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  1. Disclaimer up front: The phone is stock ROM and I would prefer to keep it that way. When I first enable tethering (or Wi-Fi Hotspot as the app is called) there is about a minute or so when it works fine. It's quick and webpages on the Vega I had and the Transformer I now have load quickly without any hiccups. After about a minute or so, though, the handset hangs, sometimes requiring a battery removal. Sometimes it will even just hard reboot. :unsure: This is driving me mental as it's one of the main features of the phone (along with the keyboard) which swung my decision. I've googled around and found all sorts of possible solutions, none of which I'll reproduce here as none of them worked and I want to get some unbiased opinion and knowledge. Has anyone else had any issues with WiFi tethering on an HTC Desire Z? Did you fix them? Heellppp!!!
  2. motophiliac

    mouse cursor gone

    I thought the same thing although I am toying with the idea of plugging into my TV via the HDMI out on the dock (which is a good purchase. It makes plugging it in to charge lots easier and spares the rather flimsy cable from being ab/used) and using a remote keyboard/mousepad as a controller from the comfort of a couch. The dock has three USB connections and in host mode, this would allow the Vega to charge, connect to a keyboard and show up on the TV just by plugging it into the dock. If I ever get all of this organised, I'll report back and let folks know. BTW, does anyone know if the mouse cursor can actually be changed to something a bit more visible, like across the room on a TV visible?
  3. motophiliac

    post your vega desktops

    I installed a ROM from here but I have a link to another site with a ROM that allows you to have a smaller notificiation bar. The upscaled icons always looked really shoddy to me and this fixes it but makes the software back and menu buttons (top right of your screen) a little harder to hit. I think it's worth it, though :D Well, I have no idea where the post went that this was a reply to. Something went wrong and it might have been me…

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