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  1. I'm using Netcounter, it separates cell data and wifi data.
  2. When I updated to Gen2 the first time the application got some error at like 8% and the phone wouldn't come on. Took out the battery and left it over night, put it back in next morning and it worked fine. Not sure if that's the solution to your problem though.
  3. Increased read from 8MB/s to 70MB/s. Gallery loading is fast as hell now, thanks!
  4. Can you please give me a guide how you go back to gen1 please, I don't want to brick my phone trying.
  5. Well that's a bummer, flashed Gen2 to see if my suspend issue would dissappear but it's still there, only the early CM7 kernels are keeping the process away. I'll have to hope for someone to come up with a solution to flash gen2 > gen1 safely.
  6. Is there any way of getting back to GEN1 again?
  7. The kernel is overclockable, but it is not overclocked from the start.
  8. Haha same here, please share with us whatcolour!
  9. exec


    And don't tick "Set on boot" in setcpu before you know that the phone is stable.
  10. Is the theme compatible with your current rom?
  11. Don't wipe the data if you're doing that. Only reason I can think of.
  12. Hmm, I've seem to have a weird problem with the sensors of the phone. If I call someone and the phone blanks out and comes back, the sensor seems to keep itself activated even after the call (while on or sleeping doesn't matter) this happens with games/apps that use the sensor too (Gallery 3D for an example). If I use the Gallery for a moment and tilt the phone a bit then close the application and sleep the phone, the sensor usage from Gallery in spare parts gets bigger and bigger when I check it from time to time. If I charge the phone to 100% and unplug + sleep it and leave it for 10 minutes then checking the battery usage, the app that used the sensor or android system will be on top of battery usage. Even more weird is that killing the app is not helping either and it's just a reboot of the phone that solves the sensor usage. Is there anyone else who has this problem or is my phone retarded?
  13. You can only blame the postal service. It's not like he's running from China to Europe with a backpack filled of jelly cases and delivering them himself.
  14. I expected gremlinman, I are dissapoint.

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