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  1. Hi Konsta, I have installed this rom and it is great, thankyou. I have been trying to use wifi tethering with many third party apps but it does not work. Does anyone know why? Could it be my service provider? Thanks Greame
  2. hi, has anyone got skygo working, it installs but will not run. cheers greame
  3. hi, has anyone got skygo to work on the blade? or do I need an upgrade? cheers greame
  4. Hi all Just installed this for the first time and its great thanks. Does anyone know if it is possible to install the original ZTE alarm clock with this ROM, I like to see the alarm time in the lock screen. Thanks again Greame
  5. Hi all, I installed 3.3 refresh a on my pad and it was working fine. I decided to format my sdcard but must have formated the device memory instead. Now when I turn it on all I get is stuck on the word android. Please could someone help me out. I tried to install 3.3 refresh from the sdcard but clockwork does not see it. Cheers Techno
  6. Hi all, Getting my tablet today and I am having trouble deciding on which rom to choose. It seems to me that you have to choose if you want a Honeycomb rom or a rom with hardware acceleration. Is that right or have I got it wrong? I would like to run honeycomb but do not know which to install could someone help me out please. Any links would be good to. On a side note does anyone know why I can not post on slatdroid even though I am logged in? Cheers Techno
  7. yes that's what i worked out, the manager in currys tried to make me have a repair because of the 21 day limit. But i said there was no point as it was faulty out off the box, had the latest software and no one was going to be able to fix it. i got a full refund in the end. cheers techno
  8. oh dear, turned it off at 70% turned back on and its 27%. thanks for your help all looks like its going back. cheers techno
  9. hi phil, thanks for your reply. Not sure I will bother with corvus again as it does not seem to like my vega. I wonder what it is that breaks the battery stats for some but not others. By the way i did do the whole stats resetting thing without any luck. Still no trouble with this stock rom ( Except the wifi keep dropping out). What I might do is install the new modded stock v2 and use that untill a good honeycomb comes along. cheers techno
  10. by the way I did a fresh install of stock 1.10, I did not use rom manager/clockwork.
  11. have you tried the stoock 1.10 because I turned my vega on this morning and it is showing 81% same as when I turned it off last night. Will keep testing and poast back, looks like i will not be able to return it but we will see. cheers tehno
  12. well two hours use with wifi and some games on stock rom, down to 85% which is great. shutdown a few times and no % problems yet. I have only used convus with sp1, could this be rom related? I will keep testing and post back. cheers techno
  13. thanks but I can not install cloackwork because I am back to stock. On a side note this thing sucks on stock and my battery has gone down 3% just posting this, anyway the big test will be when I turn it on in the morning. cheeers techno
  14. Just an update. I am now back to the stock 1.10 image and have decided to test if I still have the problem so I am giving the vega a good charge. Once it is charged how do I clear the battery stats on the stock image as I can not install clockwork now. Do I need to clear the stats or just charge it and see how it goes? Any advice greatfully recived as I am sure I am not alone with this problem. Cheers techno
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