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  1. Tasker (and Locale / other) use very little battery as they 'listen' for system commands / changes and act on profiles that rely on these. The real exception is locality based profiles that need to enable GPS / WiFi to check location but IMHO, this doesn't really affect battery life at all.
  2. Tasker - complex but incredibly powerful Locale - simpler to use but not as many funtions. Both are paid apps but absolutely worth getting one or the other. Bear in mind that any paid apps can be installed on all your devices (Vega, phone) so you will get your moneys worth.
  3. MaxiP

    CIFS or NFS on VegaComb 3.2

    I have CIFS share mounted - I can use both CIFSmanager & Mount Manager but prefer the later as it automatically mounts at boot. So for me, connecting to a Lacie NAS I use the following; NAS address (must use the public share name) Mount point /sdcard/cifs/openshare (must change mount from /mnt to /sdcard) User account Guest (I have to use a guest account) It took me a bit of playing to get it all working and the 2 main errors I had were the mount point being /mnt and not using the default Guest account HTH
  4. MaxiP

    Atrix or Samsung Galaxy S2 ??

    Completely agree - loved the screen quality of SGS2 but it was just too big (physically); more than happy with my new Atrix. Bootloader unlocked & now deciding what ROM to install. Only slightly confused at the different kernel versions and which one id best for UK phone but I'll get there.
  5. MaxiP

    Atrix or Samsung Galaxy S2 ??

    Grrr :angry: - wish I had seen this post earlier as I sold the S2 on Gumtree yesterday. I'll be in Belfast for the weekend anyway. If you are looking to change for a cash sale, PM me a price
  6. MaxiP

    Best Vega USB Keyboard Case?

    Who knows - running Corvus5 in host mode, I was able to plug a keyboard straight in.
  7. MaxiP

    Atrix or Samsung Galaxy S2 ??

    I'm guessing that you haven't rooted your Atrix then ? Can you give me age / condition / location / etc as I would consider a swap
  8. Try Volume Boost - works well for me.
  9. MaxiP

    Best rom for s2?

    Looked at Alienware briefly but didn't like the look of it when I flashed it. I've been running SensatioN 1.6 since pretty much 5 mins after rooting and I really like it. Other ROM I did like is LeoMar75 Revolution as very customisable but I found it slightly slower & more battery drain.
  10. MaxiP

    gps on galaxy s2

    Fasterfix helps reduce the lock on time BUT doesn't help with the accuracy, I've found that even with 6 or 7 satellites locked on, I don't get better that 20m accuracy which is pretty bad. My 'old' HTC Wildfire could reported 2-3m but in reality was about 5m. As I use my smartphone for Geocaching, I need an accurate GPS and unless there is an incredible patch released, I don't think that I'll be keeping the SGS2 for much longer :( Rooted & ROM'd (SensatioN 1.6 KH3 baseband, speedmodt39)
  11. I was going to buy an atrix as is ticked all my requirements but ended up getting a SGS2 (darn you eBay). The SGS2 is a lovely phone to use BUT one of the reasons I was looking at the Atrix is that I don't need a 4.3" screen - having used the SGS2 for a couple of weeks, I'm starting to regret not getting an Atrix (or other 4" device). Has anyone played / used both devices and can give me any real reason why I should stick with the SGS2 ? TIA
  12. MaxiP

    Best Vega USB Keyboard Case?

    You don't need a USB hub, just to the the Vega in Host mode. I looked at a few of these but couldn't find one that (a) looked like it might last more than a few weeks or (B) was designed for the Vega so no ports would be covered. AFAIK you might be able to use a BT keyboard but do some searching before you buy / try - there's a niggle in my mind that it doesn't work reliably.
  13. MaxiP

    Which ROM is best?

    VegaComb is excellent but there are still a number of bugs / issues being worked out. From memory, the 2 main ones are the camera not working all the time and you can't boot into USB Host mode, Apart from that, VC is the way to go - Corvus5 is an excellent ROM but VC is so stable now that unless you need camera & USB Host, it would be silly to use Android 2.x
  14. MaxiP

    Vega v smartphone.

    I've just got a SGS2 as well so know exactly what you mean. The S2 is a superb (if boring looking) phone with a bright, huge 4.3" screen and oodles of processing power. I've been playing on mine lots (root & ROMing) pretty much every day since I got it BUT I'm still using my Vega every day. IMHO, the Vega (versus SGS2 / other smartphone) is much better for browsing (especially any extended period), watching movies (either on screen or via HDMI), reading books, keeping recipes for cooking, playing music (large screen allows you to change track easily using your knuckles when your hand is dirty) and many others. Personally I think that the Vega & SGS2 complement each other very well, especially when paired. If I'm going to a friends to do some work on their PC / network, I'll take the Vega - I could do everything I wanted on SGS2 but sometimes having a 10.1" screen rally matters.
  15. MaxiP

    R8 to Corvus5

    Latest VegaComb works very well and Wifi works perfectly. There are known bugs here that are being addressed (or not). I'd advise a flash to modded 1.10v2 as this is a requirement if / when you want to move to VC Other than that, fairly straightforward replacement ROM as you will already have the correct USB drivers on your PC (and CWM)

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