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  1. I don't know if anyone have said it but i just found subsonic. Its really a program for your desktop but it has an android app. It lets you access (stream and/or sync) your music from any computer and your phone.
  2. That was the worst gingerbread recipe i've ever seen! ;) Take it from me, this is how you do it: 1 1/2 dl dark syrup 3 dl sugar 200 g butter 1 1/2 dl cream 1 tbsp ground ginger 1 tbsp ground cinnamon 1/2 tbsp ground clove 1/2 tbsp ground cardamon 1 tbsp baking soda 10-11 dl flour The instructions were okey though. And for some inspiration, heres my gingerbread house from this christmas(With me in the background)! ;) //Björn
  3. Bump! Anyone tested the MW600 with the blade? Thinking of buying it but i've heard that android doesn't support showing the title in the window. Cheers Björn
  4. No, I thougt so at first, but on their facebook they have been telling us how they are sorry for the delay and how information will come "om maonday", "next week" and so on for quite a while now. Its mostly in the commentaries so you have to go to their wall on real facebook to see it. Smells like delayed update to me. OT: There should be a poll for the best and most stable rom at the moment that resets every fortnight. Believe it would reduce the number of "what rom should i use"-treads. Björn
  5. Swedish operator Comviq has promised us a late Christmas present and they are writing on their Facebook (yesterday) that there are technical problems and that they are saying as much as they are allowed. I believe there was a rumors that Finland would get 2.2 as well. So what do you think, are we getting a "European" 2.2? Björn
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