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  1. Well, I just let it search for a network then retried and all fine now :)
  2. Afternoon, I have noticed since the last 13mb update I am unable to toggle the preferred network type radio buttons. Whichever one I choose it default to the first one in the list, does anybody else have this issue? I have not rooted the phone and am running it on the Vodafone network. David
  3. Sorry to hear that, I really wanted to like mine for games but once I took it back I got a PS Vita instead!! Am going to get a Nexus 7 at some point in the future I suspect. Shame as the tablet has great potential.
  4. I did get a refund as every one I tried had the same issue and it would drive me insane!! I assume you didn't think much to the Kobo Arc then?!? Or was that as well as the Note 7?
  5. Mine does it too. I have read some reports on the EVGA forums of the same thing. Sounds like a design flaw rather a fault. Doesn't cause me any great problems but it's annoying. Was considering taking it back but doesn't sound like there is a lot of point if your new one is the same. Did they mention refunds at all?
  6. https://motorola-global-en-uk.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/97708/p/30,6720,9050/action/auth Nothing on my phone yet but will keep checking :) David
  7. Afternoon, I have the stock Vodafone update.app .171 firmware but I assume I will need to have the stock recovery.img installed on the phone? I currently have twrp installed. If anybody has a copy of the stock recovery.img that would be appreciated. Cheers, David
  8. 644 is the octal value of the file permissions, basically this means they should be set to -rw-r--r-- or read/write, read-only, readonly with the user only having write permission. To change the file permission you'd need to run 'chmod 644 {file name}' to correct the issue - this will need to be done from an adb or root shell.
  9. Just out of interest did you back up the existing recovery image at all? Just a precautionary thing really as I don't envisage needing it again!
  10. My unlock code arrived about 30 minutes ago in my inbox. Applied fine and unlocked. Took about two days from the first email.
  11. That's awesome, much faster than the Huawei one too :)
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