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  1. My battery died recently, after only three months of having the phone. I purchased the following http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0053EZJMC/ref=oss_product, which is excellent value. Not only does it last longer then the stock battery, but i have noticed vast improvement in performance. I have not done comparison tests but it feels like i am not charging my phone anywhere near as much. I think it is well worth the low investment.
  2. Rob Watson

    Vodafone 2.3.4

    yes manually though. settings, about phone, software updates
  3. I have spoken to HTC and even they have acknowledged that a large number of users are having problems. They are currently working on a new release to resolve these issues. Therefore currently the phone is flawed. Don't get me wrong I am a fan and I am sure that these issues will be fixed, however seeing that this is HTC's flagship device it is disappointing that so many users are having the same problem. Look, feel and functionality is great, it just needs to be a bit more robust. Fingers crossed
  4. Yep i have random problems with screen locking up and also have had to take battery out to reboot. Also had wifi drop off on many occassions Noticed it more since the latest Firmware update from Vodafone ( Was about to go back to HTC/Vodafone but it seems that even a new phone will not resolve issue. Real shame as this phone has great potential but at the moment is greatly flawed!
  5. Rob Watson

    Sensation S-OFF and ROOT released

    thanks for clear instructions. Very useful :)
  6. Rob Watson

    Sensation S-OFF and ROOT released

    Thanks for update. What are the exact steps required to install S-OFF and flash to gain root. Install HTC Drivers on Windows PC Plug phone into PC (on or off?) Run revolutionary.exe (does this give root automatically or is their another zip file i need to download?) Put in new serial number (generated from site) when prompted Is there any steps missing from above? Thanks in advance for help
  7. Rob Watson

    Firmware update available!

    Sadly yes it is Vodafone. Do i have to wait until they push it to the phone, or is there a quicker way to get it? I have had no updates from them as of yet
  8. Rob Watson

    Firmware update available!

    How can you get this update and what are the steps required to updating? Just went to software updates and the phone found none, so i am assuming that this is not an official update? Note: i am currently running, which came with the phone
  9. really? Ok thanks i will try that Yes that works. Are they all going to be made that way (eg require charging)
  10. This looks great however, i cannot get any TV to recognise my Sensation. I purchased an MHL Mirco USB to HDMI apater, connected it to my phone and TV, but nothing happens. The TV just says that there is no signal As i have said i have tested it on numerorus HD TV's but no joy. Is there a setting that you need to switch too on the phone that allows it to be displayed. I cannot find one and so am assuming that when all is connected it should just work. Does anyone have any ideas? Note that the MHL adapter claims to support Sensation, GS11 etc
  11. Rob Watson

    vega using GalaxyS 3G

    You can tether your phone to act as router. You can then connect to your phone from your Vega when you have no wi-fi. Your vega will see it as another wireless connection although you will be using your phones 3g.
  12. Rob Watson

    Stuck in bootloop, can't get into recovery

    What works for me is: a) Power off device (hold power for six seconds) whilst it is charging :) Once off take out power supply for a few seconds c) Plug in power supply d) Plug in USB to pc e) Try power back button combo Last three times i tried the above it worked first time. Might be a coincidence but give it a go Whatever happens just keep trying as it will go into recovery
  13. Rob Watson

    Vega Tools v4.1

    Great thanks
  14. Rob Watson

    Vega Tools v4.1

    Using this tool what are the steps to: A) Flash latest stock 1.10 from Advent. then B) Root device to allow custom ROMS to be installed directly over stock (using ROM manager, install from SD Card method) At the moment to do this i am using the manual method to get Vega into recovery, flashing stock ROM, then flashing custom ROM using PC (install.bat) I would like to be able to flash stock ROM and then apply custom ROMS straight from SD card. I know that once you have flashed R8, Corvus etc you can flash other ROMS straight from SD card, but would like to do this straight from stock ROM. Hope it makes sense. :)
  15. Rob Watson

    [ROM] Corvus5 (newbe5 and Corvus teamed ROM)

    Yes i will have to go back flash stock rom and start again Thanks

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