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  1. I am having this particular ROM and really liked the default wallpaper but after installing go launcher I have lost the wallpaper. Now i have un installed the launcher but the wallpaper is also gone. Would really appreciate if someone can give me that wallpaper somehow.
  2. I have a 8GB SD Card installed on my ZTE Blade and have installed the ColdFusion ICS ROM but as everyone i too am having space issues. I have never done this ext parttition on my SD Card. I believe the steps mentioned here or using the flashable zip mentioned are to be done assuming one has the ext partition already available. Can anyone point me to a thread or link which explains how to create the ext partition so i can also then make use of the v4/v5 zip to be able to move majority of apps to SD card.
  3. This is something i dont like about Navigon, it requires a data connection (i know only at the start), but that too should not be ideally needed. Sygic/iGo/Ndrive work without any sort of data connection entirely. I hope navigon people fix this.
  4. I am guessing that below mentioned two links will service my purpose right ? I need a dashboard mount phone holder and also require a car cigarette lighter charger for the phone (you know how much the GPS will suck the battery) Holder -> http://www.dealextreme.com/p/car-windshield-mini-holder-swivel-mount-for-cell-phone-5-0-7-5cm-41529 Charger -> http://www.dealextreme.com/p/car-cigarette-lighter-powered-charger-for-htc-incredible-s-desire-z-s710e-91184 I am guessing the charger will work fine with ZTE Blade and for that matter a Nokia C5 too.
  5. Can anyone suggest me a reliable car holder for the ZTE Blade ?? I intend to use the phone as a dedicated GPS unit and hence need a car holder. Need a website where they can ship to USA.
  6. Can anyone suggest me what options are available for truly offline GPS solution for android ? Like Nokia has the OVI Maps which are really good and totally offline (for basic usage and navigation too). What options do we android users have? I want something which has extensive coverage for USA.
  7. I too was never aware about ZTE making phones but still went ahead and bought the blade and got the OSF shipped all the way from UK to India (because the Dell XCD35 wasn't available at that time). All this because of the attractive price point and this superb community support.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. Really appreciate the super quick turn around time. Thanks again.
  9. ^^Ok great but now from the thread i mentioned about the ZTE drivers, can you point out which are the exact drivers that i need to install ? I feel there is confusion in the thread. Also after i install the drivers, do i have to just turn on data in the phone and i can start using the net on PC ?? This part is confusing for me
  10. True what you say but i am looking at options of using it without the hotspot functionality. Anything on that front. Sorry but i should have mentioned that before
  11. I have a ZTE Blade and currently i am on Portuguese Spring RLS3b ROM and need to connect my blade to laptop to be able to use my 3G connection to use net on laptop. I have windows 7 ultimate 32 bit OS installed. Which are the most proper drivers for the blade ?? I have checked this thread but there are many confusing answers. Also assuming i have installed the drivers, in what mode i should connect the blade to Laptop to be able to use as modem and also what application to use to connect to internet ? (like we have PC suite for Nokia etc ) Sorry if this query as been asked before. Please direct me to appropriate thread in such a case.
  12. We do have the ZTE Libra with Gingerbread officially available on that right ? Its specs are very much similar to blade and people on this forum have reported to use CM7 on the libra. If Libra can have official GB so can blade and hence ZTE can release the kernel now right ?
  13. True what you are saying but is there anyway to get the original ZTE smart dialer in the Portuguese ROM ?
  14. I did read the thread but you see it has been more than 6 months that last reply was on that thread. In the mean time there may be many other players / softwares come up which make playing of video files on blade easier, smoother without the need of conversion. This is the primary reason of asking what people are using in their phones and specifically on the ROM same as me as i have observed that the video play back on same player (say rock player), same file varies from ROM to ROM.
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