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  1. i agree with some of the sentiments. the native s60 browser wasn't too hot, but i haven't seen anything that beats Opera Mini 4 on the E71. So fast and easy to navigate with the 5 way controller. better than touchscreen which surprised me. strangely, the one thing that stops me from going back is OTA contact and calendar sync. i would love for there to be a large screen hdpi android device with an E71-like keyboard and key layout. the hardware 5 way controller and dedicated phone buttons are a must. the dedicated app buttons are also great.
  2. if you are using it with a computer at home, then you might want to consider a dedicated GSM Modem.
  3. how could this possibly happen on a geeky phone forum? i use a few forums and know of a marriage on each of 2 other forums i use...
  4. The Swiss models are 3.2mpix. They are now in stock everywhere because they increased the compulsory top-up purchase from 10chf to 65chfs.
  5. you need to install a terminal program and then all the programs like df separately. normally you install busybox.
  6. Nice job Rotmann! Let's see if anyone can present evidence to the contrary re either signal strength, HSUPA or 850mhz.
  7. Cheers. I suggest you put a warning on the old method and a link to here to avoid people using the old method.
  8. :o i get this too. people give me 1 star ratings on the forum and then send me angry emails because it didn't provide an unlock code for their blackberry or some other totally unrelated device. :mellow:
  9. btw, if you want to do a direct sale, i don't care about unlocked since i will use it only for dev...
  10. heh. just checked ebay. a few are selling around £20 at the moment, but some have stuck the pink model on for buy it now at £80! cheeky scamps.
  11. It finally arrived today, and I have to say, I love the device! I can't believe people hate it so much. It's pink, but not as bad as you might think - not even that noticeable from the front. OK, the screen isn't great, but it's not that bad either. I really wish I'd bought a couple more when I had the chance. Would be great to play around with, and I'm sure there are a few girls I know who will think the colour is an advantage. If anyone wants to get rid of their phone, I'd be interested in buying it off them...
  12. You can upgrade it from Gen1 to Gen2. I actually have a Gen2 which I'm looking to downgrade back to Gen1.
  13. Version 1.3 uploaded which has following changes: # Add apply settings (hot apply) to Advanced Settings. Use with re-start UI for a quick preview of new settings. # Add delete all settings to Advanced Settings # Add revert option to Advanced Settings # Fix for HTC/mdpi devices with LCD density wrong values (fixed in v1.26 - but read settings re-enabled in v1.30) # Fix true/false 1/0 error for some settings
  14. the rom probably has the setting hardwired in build.prop i will have an update to fix.but a workaround is to delete the line in system/build.prop
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