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  1. Neilkt

    [ROM] ModdedStock_1.10 v2

    Hi thanks for the hard work.....really appreciate it. without you this device would not be what it is today. Question....does this rom base have the larger 40mb cache size for larger market app downloads like i assume the vegacomb does (not used vegacomb yet but will hopefully soon :huh: ) been struggling to find a good solution for this....as i've paid for samurai thd 2 app, but unable to install due to cache size. sorry if this has been covered elsewhere....but i've looked for hours trying to find a solution that i understand!!! if not, is it easy to change the flash.cfg before i flash it, again read somewhere...i'm not a dev so really reluctant to mess around too much using cyanogen 7 at the moment, was on corvus 5 (fancied something new for a bit!!) thank you.
  2. Neilkt

    [rom] Cyanogen 7 + tablet tweeks

    Hi just to let you know that my market works fully on the cm7 rom "Top Paid, Top free, and just in" so you may have another issue that a re flash may solve. Thanks.
  3. Neilkt

    [rom] Cyanogen 7 + tablet tweeks

    Yes I think that might be the way to. I came from the Corvus Rom before cm7. That's me busy whilst watching the f1 qualifying! Ta.
  4. Neilkt

    [rom] Cyanogen 7 + tablet tweeks

    I'm overclocking to 1.2 and using dolphin browser also. I might do a complete re-install. At least I know its not the cm7, thanks for the info. It may be an app causing a problem that I have backed up through titanium. Cheers.
  5. Neilkt

    [rom] Cyanogen 7 + tablet tweeks

    Morning all. Installed 112 but found that I'm getting a complete freeze up mainly whilst using internet based apps or browser. It has come back to me occassionally if i left it for 5mins then force close the app or browser. Its close between this rom and corvus5 but even corvus5 froze on me. I did a complete wipe etc. Has anyone else found this problem? Loving it otherwise.
  6. Neilkt

    [ROM] Corvus5 (newbe5 and Corvus teamed ROM)

    Hi All, great rom and thanks for all your hard work. I've also noticed a drop in smart bench score now its only 1623 (on standard 1ghz), was a lot faster previous to the lastest update. still runs smooth but does stutter occasionally on a few intense games like dungeon defenders. Is it safe to run our beloved Vegas at 1.4 all the time...or should i clock it to 1.2 to be safe?
  7. Neilkt

    [mod] Clockwork recovery [easy install] v2

    Great thanks...very easy to install.
  8. cheers for that.....will give it a go.
  9. Neilkt

    [POLL] Advent Vega Charging and USB Dock

    £39.99 !!!! what was the point of this survey if the average was up to £30 :D
  10. Neilkt

    Mobile Broadband dongles

    That sound good....what pay as you go deals is everyone using. Don't know which one to buy.... 3 or T-Mobile etc... The T mobile is £2 per day after your initial outlay. I think its time for a trip to the shops :P
  11. Neilkt

    Notion Ink Adam tablet apps

    Cheers for that. Will give it a try
  12. Neilkt

    Android browser bug - For info only

    Just tried the vega browser and wouldnt let me scroll unless i zoomed in a little, but still worked on dolphin hd. Try clearing the dolpin hd cache it may reload the page correct this time. What version of dolphin hd are you using mine is 4.3
  13. Neilkt

    Android browser bug - For info only

    Yes its a long page, takes a while to get to the bottom of that page. try messing around with some settings, i have enable plugins allways on, that may help.
  14. Neilkt

    Android browser bug - For info only

    Hi seems to work fine for me, i can scroll from top to bottom with no problems on your link. Using dolphin hd. Sorry i dont know why it works for me and not yourself. Has it loaded the page fully first, my wifi can stop me scrolling sometimes until it does.
  15. Thanks Paul and everyone involved in creating this new update...works a treat...nice and speedy. did notice that your E.C. Version was 1.7.2 ........mine is 0.0.0 is this important?

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