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  1. Just purchased mine here in Portugal for 249€.
  2. Hi KonstaT, thanks again for this amazing ROM. Can you check why it shows those rectangles (my locale is pt-PT), please? I remember that happened also in some releases of MMHP. Keep up the good work!
  3. Thanks daaneel! I was about to go to UOT kitchen so you saved me the work and wait. Thanks also to KonstaT for another fine release.
  4. Man, I flashed Moldovan R9 yesterday! :lol: Nice work KonstaT! Thanks for all the marvellous work you've been putting on your ROMs.
  5. I've just received this. And for now it seems to work pretty well (and it's 1500 mAh).
  6. Patience it's a virtue! Maybe they're preparing us a nice Christmas gift... Remember when we didn't have FM radio in CM7? Now we have it. Remember when we waited every week for the perfect ROM? Now we have a few. So let's all wait. These guys are good programmers but they aren't being paid for doing this. They do it as an hobby. And we all have gratitude to them. So can I haz MIUI pleaze????? :lol::lol:
  7. Yes, so that the operating systems provides more accurate results.
  8. Try "Restart Connections" from the market. I've used it in other past roms when my signal was lost and the only hope was to reboot the phone.
  9. In my TFT UK ZTE Blade (Orange San Francisco) TPT'd to gen2 says: "You have a European Blade".
  10. Well, after using GSF since release 1 to 19, I've decided to give CM7 another try. I'm also with sej's 169 plus 2 and i second you mullen666, good battery life, no problems with wifi, quick gps fix, not a single reboot... wow! Nice work developers! Thank you.
  11. BruxoMor, you might want to correct your calendar... You have a Blade since 2008!? :lol::lol: P.S. - Please don't take ofense... I'm just kidding, ok?
  12. I'm also considering move to this phone from my Blade. It's now being sold in Portugal for 149 Euro (network locked, but you can buy it for 199,99 Euro unlocked by the operator).
  13. From the last month been using GSF. But still keeping an eye on CM7, and might return to it one of these days.
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