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  1. Patcher does not share data AFAIK. It dual boots 2 (3?) ROMs but each has it's own set of data. Switch shares data so what you have in TW you also find in GPe. P.s. You also have to consider Patcher was started using inspiration from using Paul's Switch and came at a much later date.
  2. This does not work, you need to remove PIN security from your SIM in the TW rom if you want to be sure you can boot into GPe every time, not exactly a decent workaround. If you are already in the GPe rom and can't unlock, try putting the phone in airplane mode and rebooting. This way you can switch back to TW or use the rom and try unlocking later by turning airplane mode off.
  3. Email Sync is disabled when returning from a Switch to TW. Has to be re enabled in the settings.
  4. Another problem.. Every time I switch back to the TW rom my Samsung account info needs to be re entered.
  5. What I meant was that if I receive an sms in TW, switch to GPe and return to TW the sms is gone. I think the sms lost were all read.
  6. I have problems unlocking the SIM card in GPe. Worked first time but after that it just hangs on unlocking sim card. Have to put the phone in airplane mode, reboot, play with the phone a little then turn airplane mode off. It's the only workaround I've found so far. In TW every time i switch it asks to login to facebook to sync apps. Sms are lost too which I find strange. They are not shared either, I have quite a few in TW but none in GPe.
  7. I finally got the Switch working. Had to reinstall the latest version of TWRP thrice first though, don't exactly know what's going on with that.. Is it just me having problems with Samsung Hub? I get the following error:
  8. Ok, so I finally got around to flashing the beta. Followed the step by step guide and booted ok 1st try. Tried to install the OTA update but got an error (path not found) so I installed manually. TW is working fine but I just can't switch to GPe rom.. Any idea why? Cheers. Great work btw! Forgot to say: when clicking the switch app the phone just reboots the TW rom. Should I try flashing again?
  9. Actually, Paul has been active lately, just not in the Nexus devices' forums and anyway this rom hasn't been updated for months.. As you can see here http://www.modaco.co...-support-topic/ he's probably focusing on getting "Switch" out ASAP. ;)
  10. Been using it since i bought it at €0.10 in last years sale, love it!
  11. Thanks Paul, when you get a chance could you send me my pro code? (I sent you a PM) Cheers.
  12. You could install Swiftkey and enable the arrow keys.. :)
  13. Would be nice, can't get one in Italy atm... :)
  14. Not keen on the new sent and received ticks being grey and no longer green... P.s. What are the 3 and 5 year subscriptions about? All I see in mine is "Service Expiration: Lifetime"
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