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  1. Also, I noticed something. Menu scrolling in Settings isn't as smooth as Froyo MIUI or CM7, can you take a look at this?
  2. Do you always try to merge with the latest nightly when it comes out? For simplicity's sake, here's the "changelog" for every CM7 nightly: http://cm-nightlies.appspot.com/
  3. It's so close to replacing the stock ROM but this one thing has been bugging me: In every custom ROM that is built from source (ie. not based on stock ROM) for the X10, playback of video files with resolution of 854x480 or higher (H264 / MPEG4) stutters while in stock ROM (2.1 and 2.3.3) they play perfectly without any hiccups. Dude it's already there since the official GB came out. Edit: You mean H264 instead of MPEG4?
  4. Great, running it now. Working smoothly. Does this mean you can work on CM7?
  5. Is it just me or doesn't FPS uncap brings up the FPS to 54 anymore? It behaves pretty much like the stock ROM now. Other that that, it's nice!
  6. I don't see anything about wifi on the last page :blink:
  7. Is WiFi working properly in 1.5 or do we still have to use Static IP?
  8. With app2sd fixed, assuming there's no other bugs, I'll switch to switch to this ROM for sure. :lol:
  9. Let's hope it gets released by tomorrow.
  10. All there's left is to fix Apps2SD and DHCP. About A2SD, would this be of any help? http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1014341
  11. I can verify it's booting properly. Now to find differences. Edit: Just as I expected, going into Settings -> Display -> Brightness results in a Force Close.
  12. I'm wondering why. The correct xRecovery is included with this ROM right? If so, after I flashed the zip, I should have the correct recovery. (the one that says MIUI in the background) Even when I flashed again it's stuck at SE logo. I've done this procedure too: 1) Boot into xRecovery 2) Full wipe 3) Flash TripNArc-Iris_4.0.A.2.368-TripNRaVeR.zip 4) Pull out battery 5) Flash X10_3.0_TripNRaVeR.ftf 6) Boot Doesn't work either.

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