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  1. Cyanogen rom's detect AD-HOC network, but it's allway stock for me on "getting IP" I tryed many files, same result like your's (Wifi stop working, or on/off loop)<br>
  2. i'm also making mod of CM7 for me, but i need to decompile framework. If you ever do it successfully pls tell me how :D
  3. any one know how to decompile and compile CM7 frawework without stock in bootanimation ?
  4. did you decompile and compile framework ? when i do it, rom stock on boot animation. Even when i didn't change anythink.
  5. Hi, i almoust finish my new ROM for GT-I8000 but i have problem with Sense Weather icons. Look at screens : Any one know hot to fix this ? i use Sense 2.5.2021.2114
  6. Helo, my cooked rom's doesnt connect too KIES, it's stuck on "connecting" and later i have info "KIES doesnt support connection,what Phone now use" KIES is working with any stock rom, i try also Energy 29020 and it's OK, but on my ROM's didnt work. Any one know, what i removed or change wrong in ROM that is not working with KIES ? thanks for help, sorry for poor english :-D
  7. ok i setup everythink like that : StartMenu_Global_480x800.cpr StartMenu_Global_800_480.cpr When i cook rom, default wallpaper for Today and Menu Start is stwater_480_800.jpg. Now when rom is running i setup wallpaper 1st time, it's ALL OK. Today and Menu Start have the same wallpaper. But when i change 2nd time, it's change only for Today ... Menu Start background stay from 1st change. In base_dpi_192_resh_480_resv_800 i have files : classicblue_stwater_480_800.jpg classicblue_stwater_800_480.jpg StartMenu_Background_Screen_480x800.png StartMenu_Background_Screen_800x480.png I dont have any other wallpaper files, not even in OEMApps.
  8. i know how to set up background wallpaper in kitchen, but the problem is when i try to change it on working rom in phone setup. Just look at screen, when i set up Wallpaper using Samsung Photo Album it's setting background for Today Screen but not for Menu Start ( it's stay like i cooked). Not even new theme can't change it
  9. but what about mxipcold_wpc_2.provxml ?? and those line's ? <characteristic type="FileOperation"> <characteristic type="%CE2%" translation="install"> <characteristic type="stwater_480_800.jpg" translation="install"> <characteristic type="Copy"> <parm name="Source" value="%CE2%\classicblue_stwater_480_800.jpg" translation="install" /> </characteristic> </characteristic> <characteristic type="stwater_800_480.jpg" translation="install"> <characteristic type="Copy"> <parm name="Source" value="%CE2%\classicblue_stwater_800_480.jpg" translation="install" /> </characteristic> this is StartMenu_Global_480x800.cpr <Image ID="Background" Left="0" Top="-52" Visible="True" Opacity="1.0" ScalingAlgorithm = "TriLinear" Source="ConfettiPlus::WallpaperBitmap,\windows\StartMenu_Background_Screen_480x800.png"/> And StartMenu_Global_800x480.cpr <Image ID="Background" Left="0" Top="-52" Visible="True" Opacity="1.0" ScalingAlgorithm = "TriLinear" Source="ConfettiPlus::WallpaperBitmap,\windows\StartMenu_Background_Screen_800x480.png"/>
  10. Helo I'm cooking rom''s for polish I8000 users and i made somethink wrong with today and menu start background. When i try to setup wallpaper (after flashing) it's working only for Today background, but menu start is still same like i setup in kitchen. Just look at picture Any idea what i did wrong ? cut too many files,registry ? p.s. any custom themes also didnt change menu start background
  11. Helo I'm cooking rom's for Omnia Lite using 6.5.3 and 6.5.9 build's but every time i have same problem with vibration. When someone is calling to us, and we pickup a call ... vibra dont shut down it's vibrating until we make soft reset. Any one know hot to solve this problem ? i think's OEM's make this problem, or Samsung Dialer.
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