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  1. Looks quite interesting. I'll see if I can rip it apart and check for any differences. I just hope it uses the old Huawei update process. The new one doesn't work with the unpacking script, and I doubt it will flash on our phones.
  2. My fault, I found that the Flash apk was in /system/apply rather than /data/app, so iPlayer couldn't load it. Doh.
  3. Quick question. Those who upgraded to B888 via the default Huawei method, are you able to use iPlayer? I've noticed mine is not showing any programmes, and I have tried on multiple networks. Flashing B888 is (what I think) the only thing that changed..
  4. Has anyone got a download link to this ROM? alhimyaa - could you post the full build number before B885?
  5. Unofficially yes, if you install different software than what the phone came with. Huawei are releasing an official fix tomorrow (so they say)
  6. I realised after I tried it, although I thought it may have been the ROM messing up the partitions. The fdisk output should hopefully be enough to rebuild the partition table manually - I'll have a crack on my day off (after making a dd backup :P)
  7. With B888, I'm thinking it is the actual update file that changes the partitions. I believe, as someone said, perhaps to prepare for ICS. I used a Kingston and SanDisk one for all the times I've tried, and always the same result.
  8. Don't think so, the maximum is 840 x 480 I think - maybe someone will be able to hack it to shoot 720
  9. Just extracted all apps and data from my CWR backup using Titanium and everything working fine :)
  10. Unfortunately not, CWR is the only way to access parted, and it needs to be done via ADB as obviously CWR doesn't have a terminal :P
  11. Have just tried flashing B888 and it is working fine. Will try selectively restoring bits of my CWM backup and see what happens
  12. Can someone who hasn't flashed B888 reboot into Clockwork, connect via USB and go to 'adb shell' Then type 'parted /dev/block/mmcblk0 print' and post what you get.
  13. Nope, cannot flash the B888 ROM the normal way after trying to restore my CWM backup. The partition sizes of /system and /cust are different: Filesystem Size Used Free Blksize /dev 197M 64K 197M 4096 /mnt/asec 197M 0K 197M 4096 /mnt/obb 197M 0K 197M 4096 /system 377M 263M 114M 4096 /data 755M 71M 684M 4096 /cache 188M 4M 184M 4096 /cust 78M 9M 69M 4096 /HWUserData 2G 96K 2G 32768 /mnt/sdcard 1G 477M 925M 4096
  14. Done and done. I think we need someone to post a list of the partition sizes from one not flashed with B888, and compare it with ours.
  15. There looks to be a problem restoring to older Huawei ROMs and Clockworkmod backups! I think it is the partition sizes have been altered after flashing B888. I've updated the first post and will update it once I have found a solution. Any help appreciated!
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