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  1. Many thanks everyone for your replies. I didnt realise about the long press on the wifi but that was an awesome tip and has saved one annoyance. i will install a new launcher to resolve some other issues but other than that thanks guys! :)
  2. Many thanks everyone for your replies. I will look into a new launcher replacement but how about the PIN on the lockscreen? Would a replacement launcher also be able to modify what can be displayed on the quicklaunch tiles?
  3. Hey guys! Ive recently purchased a Moto G and having come from a device that could only get 4.3 using the aid of Cyanogenmod i have a few features/shortcuts that i used to use on the old device that i cant seem to use on this device. There are elements that i cant imagine that are only availiable on Cyanogenmod which is why ive come to you guys as maybe the option has moved or is hidden on this version of Motorola's Moto G? 1. The lockscreen password which is set to PIN. When i enter the correct PIN, it would automaticlly enter the device without me pressing the enter button. Is this not avaiable on the stock rom? 2. Home screen options. Number of home screens. Im sure you will probably suggest a launcher replacement for this 3. Hide/Remove the google search bar from the homescreen 4. Quicklaunch buttons selection like on CyanogenMod? I want to be able to pick and choose what and what not to display. There is an unusal thing with the wifi button. when i select the wifi button, i would like it to just turn on wifi not load up the wifi options for me to then turn it on Any help and advice you can provide would be most appreciating on how to achieve these options Thanks alot for your time
  4. Good Afternoon everyone, Ok so im wondering if this is an unusual thing but its got me stumped and im hoping someone else has been in the same situation. When i charge my ZTE Blade and when i have taken the cable out, it will not go into deep sleep until i reboot my device. It has been doing this for some time but unfortunately i can not pin point what has caused this to start doing it. Since it has been happening, i have changed Roms numerous of times ranging from eco7, cm10, eco9 and the same problem persists with the exception of cm10.1 which fails to let my device deep sleep at any period. When i have ran betterbattery, it displays that OTG_services (or similar name from memory) is using the most battery percentage. Along googling the service, it doesnt really display what it is or how to stop it constantly running. Do i need it? How can i remove it? Is it part of the newer kernels which is why im wondering if everyone has to deal with the manual reboots after charging? Any information or advice would be really helpful. Its getting a little irritating Thank you for your help and time
  5. Hey, this rom is great and i really enjoy using it, Have been using this rom for quite some time however there is one issue that i have that i hope some body has experienced or knows how to resolve. My phone randomly does not like to deep sleep. When i load better battery stats, it displays that "msm_otg" is a kernal wakelock that is continuously running however even google search doesnt help what app is running to cause this to prevent it to sleep or what it is on this rom. Is anyone able to provide any information on what it could be or how could i fix? Many thanks for your help in advance
  6. Hey thanks for linking this! looks great but would you be able to help me by directing me to which version of the JBMakeOverMods it is you need to use for this build. Im assuming it will be the 130413 because of this build is newer than that date but i would just like to be sure just incase im missing something JBMakeOverMods_maniac103: (0712/12) | (1304/13) JBMakeOverMods_Quarx: (2511/12) JBMakeOverMods_Fuzz: (0312/12) | (1412/12) JBMakeOverMods_Epsylon3: (2611/12) Im assuming it will be the 130413 because of this build is newer than that date but i would just like to be sure just incase im missing something or who made the build of this version Many thanks!
  7. Absolutely great rom. Using version 17.10 and loving it.. keep up the great work the only issue/bug im coming up with on daily usage is with the SMS app, when you select "use dark theme" on the check box, it doesnt do anything even after reboot or enable disable again. Is this a known issue? Everything else about that app works perfectly. Many thanks :)
  8. Everything is working great for me for the ROM (obviously except for the camera function but still takes photos) however i have an issue with regards to GAPPS. I have done a search on this topic if anyone else has had this issue and i have found people mentioning it however i dont understand it. When i install GAPPS.. nothing seems to change and no google apps show up for examps play and youtube. Could someone let me know why this is happening? I have attempted to install GAPPS twice now and it still does nothing. Someone mentioned about using TPT?? instead but could someone tell me what is causing GAPPS to not do anything? Please forgive me if this has been mentioned so many times :( BTW though, ColdFusion on the other hand runs flawlessly! really nice and smooth! Kind regards
  9. Hey guys this rom is great! Its so nippy and light feeling. However i do have an issue with RLS3. When i plug in the usb cable. The option for "USB debugging connected" is the only one that comes up. The option for being able to use the USB storage to connect to my laptop isnt avaliable however it has shown up in previous ROM's. Is anyone able to tell me how i can re-enable this option so i can upload files to my phone thanks for all your work on this rom! Great piece of kit! :) Nevermind the drivers on my laptop uninstalled for some reason
  10. idleness

    Text Online?

    i also vote for cbfsms.com if you can load that correctly and use it on the mobile :unsure:
  11. another query.. have you tried another messaging app? Handscent or chompsms to see if it works correctly?
  12. could this be because of the New Year overload on the mobile servers? Have you tried today (now) to see if it has started working again? (other than this comment i am unsure as to why this happening)
  13. I turned to using Handscent to sending SMS messages because when i went over 3 sms lengths on the stock Message software it would try to send it as MMS however Handscent doesnt do this when you go into the settings for Handscent and untick "Auto-Convert to MMS" (Do this by opening Handscent application so you can see all your message lists and press the menu button and select settings > send message settings > Untick "Auto-Convert to MMS") As for the forwarding.. there is the option on Handscent, since all the texts are laid out into speech bubbles.. if you press and hold onto the speechbubble/text you would like to forward.. a popup menu will display to give you the option to forward the text Done! :unsure:

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