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  1. Ian1

    White Nexus 4 confirmed - CPW group exclusive?

    I have to take issue with you on that point. I have never liked white devices and I've never bought one from any manufacturer. For example, back in the day when the white iPod was the music player to have I bought a red Sony micro hard drive player that still works today. If you like white, go for it, but it's not my cup of tea.
  2. Ian1

    White Nexus 4 confirmed - CPW group exclusive?

    I 100% agree. For me white = tacky.
  3. Hi, My Nexus 7 has developed an odd issue with the battery level indicator. Over the last few weeks I have noticed the battery level has been showing an incorrect status, for example after 2 days without charging and moderate use the status was showing more than 50% available. But now all of a sudden it's constantly displaying 100%. I am wondering if this is just an issue with the battery level indicator or if I have a hardware fault with the charging circuit. Can somebody recommend a way for me to test my device or reset / re-calibrate the meter? FYI I have unlocked the boot loader but it is not rooted.
  4. The ASUS specification says it does support it but I'm beginning to wonder. http://promos.asus.com/US/Nexus7/#.UB6koE1lSn6
  5. I've been trying to get my N7 to use the microphone in my G/Nex headset rather than the onboard MIC without any joy. Has anybody else managed to get a remote MIC to work or is it locked down in the code?
  6. Ian1

    Sky Go arriving on ICS devices at last

    With all of these restrictions it seems to me that Sky and the BBC for that matter are simply promoting the use of pirate content. It also makes me think long and hard about cancelling my Sky contract which is over £50 a month.
  7. Ian1

    Sky Go for Android update - it's bad news folks

    This is yet another example of a media company not serving their paying customers and then they wonder why people use pirate streams to watch content.
  8. Do you know if the thicker battery with cover will affect the compatibility with the Samsung Car Kit?
  9. Hi, I have seen comments that there is no flash support in ICS (yet) which would stop iPlayer from working. The BBC really needs to make a proper Android app.
  10. The debate about buttons on the screen vs capacitive buttonsis hard to say without using it. What I'm wondering about is will the permanent displayof the soft keys on an OLED screen result in OLED 'Screen burn'? I have this onmy Blade with the notification bar being visible as a shadow when I run fullscreen apps and was wondering if you would end up seeing an outline of thebuttons when a video is played. Having said that I still think I'm going to get one if I canfind the 32GB version for sensible money.
  11. With the lack of micro SD socketon this phone, I was just wondering if somebody could tell me how much free storagespace will be available on a 16GB version of the G-Nexus after all the variouspartitions and system data is taken into account?
  12. Ian1

    NFC - important?

    Yes NFC is very important to me, but it has to be said I work with smart cards for access control so I'm not your typical user. And yes it does affect my purchasing decision, I was all set to splash out on a Galaxy S II but didn't because NFC was removed from the UK handsets.
  13. Ian1

    £399 at O2 Pay and Go

    Can you also confirm if NFC is missing from the UK handset?
  14. Ian1

    Questions for HTC!

    Any ideas on a price SIM free?

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