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  1. I can imagine that the rds radio is using more battery even if it is in background, but it shouldn'd use the cpu when it is turned off. You can see the modifications source , and tell me if i have done something wrong.
  2. it is here: https://github.com/ZTE-BLADE/ZTE-BLADE-2.6.32
  3. Basic SF/Blade doesn't have the modified kernel, so rds feature will not work on it.
  4. RDS feature needs a modified fm driver which is included in FLB r9b or you can download a new kernel to JJ RLS9 too. I think MCR don't have an RDS capable kernel.
  5. I broke my hand last weekend, but there is v0.6 for you with one hand :D
  6. 1. not yet, will be in the future 2. using headset button is possible, but internal speaker..... I tried to make it work but not succeeded
  7. 1. Don't know 2. Beacause it is just a test kernel. You can use flibblesan's r8a rom now with rds.
  8. If you use a non-rds app with an rds kernel or an rds app with a non-rds kernel, then the radio will work, but you won't see the rds data.
  9. can i help in finding the rds problem? I think i found the problem: You should use FLB r8a with kernel2 and FM Radio v0.5.3 or v0.5.2 If you can hear the radio but the RDS shows loading... Not Available then check that the left loudspeaker button is switched on (its working now as enable/disable RDS hehe :P ). If that button was off then you might have to use a power off - power on too. I hope this will help. I will fix the app.
  10. i've commited it. https://github.com/ZTE-BLADE/ZTE-BLADE-2.6.32
  11. I will commit my kernel changes to github soon.
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