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  1. C3CO This you dont have anymore? update-S2-SFR-boot-20120614.zip If not, you can help me? ZTE Skate Touchscreen without "Synaptics" ROM: Galaxy_ICS_by_Faia Touchscreen not working Testet your kernels: update-S2-SFR-boot-20121021 update-S4-SFR-boot-4.1.2-20130306 update-S5-SFR-boot-4.2.2-20130306
  2. C3CO you read my PN ? I need this old kernel, download is down :(
  3. If you need it faster, contact me in Skype: die.dienstleister
  4. WAWA72

    64GB SDXC Working in Monte Carlo

    Name, Link to your SD cards please...
  5. He will test it. But hwat is the way, to extract the Drivers?
  6. Replacement touchscreen from ebay are not of "Synaptic" but an unknown manufacturer. This maintains it NOT work with custom roms. Can someone explain the development of Roms how to extract the unknown driver and implemented in other areas of Rome?. I think some users would be there for the future very grateful .. Synaptic (work with all Roms: no synaptic (work only with stock Roms):
  7. go back to stockrom and test it
  8. WAWA72

    Screen/Software problem

    FASTER POSTAGE http://www.ebay.de/itm/Genuine-ZTE-BLADE-Orange-San-Francisco-Touch-Screen-Lens-Glass-Digitizer-Housing-/320785294021?pt=UK_Mobiles_Accessories_RL&hash=item4ab04b22c5
  9. http://mschoofs.blogspot.de/2011/04/zte-p729v-san-francisco-aka-blade-poor.html#more 1 Pre-emptively: download a little free application from the market "WiFi Analyzer" (Thank you Kevin Yuan for developing this app) 2 Test your current reception strength on your device 3 Power off the device 4 Pry off the back cover 5 Prepare 2 strips of scotch tape and 2 pieces of aluminium foil. (sizes you can see in the image, try to aim closely to that size for best results) 6 attach the strips of aluminium foil covered with the scotch tape carefully on the phone antennas as shown in the pictures. Be very careful you don't short any contacts.
  10. Send you a PM. Make you an offer for new Display

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