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  1. I've had a GS2 for a year now and although I don't want to change it, I'd only go for the next Google phone. This is mainly due to the speed of software updates and the timing of my contract ending.
  2. Thanks, I just wanted to go back to a ROM that will allow me to receive official software updates OTA or via KIES. I'm now on Paul's rooted stock ICS ROM (via Odin) but no joy with KIES yet! :(
  3. Can anyone advise me where I can download an official stock ICS ROM that's flashable via CWM?
  4. I had the same problem and tried a few car chargers. I also use a Bluetooth car kit to stream audio and satnav from my phone as well as making/taking calls. This is the only thing that works for me and is under a fiver at the likes of Amazon. Make sure your battery is an original Samsung and your USB cable is decent quality. Belkin Micro USB CLA Battery charger - car
  5. Thanks I will. Anything improving battery life is welcomed. Edit: My word, you weren't kidding about the speed! It's flying now :D
  6. No worries, Go locker ICS theme sorts that. By the way XWLP9 is noticeably faster to navigate, open apps etc. than XWLP7. :)
  7. Thanks for the excellent ROM Gary. Should the camera slide unlock option be available in XWLP7?
  8. Thanks Gonzo, that's what I was looking for.
  9. Thanks, I'll try that. My solution was to install from internal memory in CWM.
  10. No I'm running a stock, unrooted version of ICS flashed via Odin. I'll root the phone and see if that helps.
  11. I'm having similar problems - SD card not recognised in recovery mode. There's no option to format the card in the Storage section of Ice Cream Sandwich. Formatting via my PC didn't work either. How can I format the card in an "Android environment"?
  12. Thanks guys, I'll check them out. However there is also a similar function in Ice Cream Sandwich security settings. But its not obvious how it's enforced when needed.
  13. How do I track and remote wipe my phone using ICS if necessary?
  14. Flashed the supplied kernel via CWM and then put the phone into download mode and flashed the ROM via Odin. Worked a treat, thanks Paul :D
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