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  1. Hey KonstaT, Do i have your ask your permission to create mirrors of your rom to put on my blog. Will you allow it? I will give the proper credit and link it to the forum.
  2. Saudações :) Will wait for your report. This rom seems pretty nice :)
  3. Hi, just saw your message and i thought i should share this: SMS Text Messaging ↔PC Texting I think you don't need bluetooth for syncing. I don't have a tablet so can't say if it works well :)
  4. in settings go to language & input. the open the keyboard settings. uncheck "system language" and then choose portugal from the list below. hope it's this. um abraço tuga :)
  5. Hi all, I' m can't get the modded clock to work. At the moment have deskclock working. Put the apk of the modded clock and changed permissions after that the clock's icon was gone from app list :( ... tried to reboot and still nothing. Help :)
  6. i tried the english only and the normal... i just rebooted and now everything is ok :) Thanks for reply
  7. I have installed v4 and i dont have the tabs on top :( Can anyone help me? pls
  8. Hi, Did you move either app-data or dalvik-cache to SD ? Thanks in advance.
  9. In my experience on gingerbread, (whatever rom), wifi stays connected while deep sleeping if you don't get out of range. Tthe phone won't reconnect while deep sleeping. Only ICS or JB can properly reconnect wifi while in deep sleep.
  10. i use touchpal keyboard - free and speedy on our phones :) . swyping is the way to go! clicking through the keys is old school! ps: clickers don't get ofended :P
  11. hey guys, need some help. i have just installed the latest build with full wiping and noticed that the phone doesn't deep sleep. it awakes if i press the home button! what can i do, reflash it? Nevermind, just reboot it! And now it sleeps well :P
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