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  1. Help please! I installed the latest nightly of Cyanogen and the latest gapps package and I'm getting constant "nfc service has stopped" messages on boot that are making the phone literally unusable. From my research I suspect this is a problem with the Wallet fix that's built into Paul's CyanogenMod variant. Is there some way I can fix this without doing a system wipe? Will a system wipe work? I could roll back to Paul's version of Cyanogen of course. Your help appreciated!
  2. All good so far! Not sure of my opinion on the new store yet. "Update" and "Uninstall" seem small and easy to fatfinger!
  3. Hi Paul, downloading now. If anyone else has installed it and it's good let me know; I don't have enough space to do a cwm backup of my phone!
  4. No issues at all with R11 and Nova Pro. I'm finding it very stable and fast.
  5. R11 is working fine for me, but then I'm using Nova Launcher rather than Trebuchet or the MoDaCo launcher, which might be something to do with it.
  6. Hmm. It's RAM I'm a bit short on - it's routinely operating with 70 - 100MB of free memory but if I add together the memory usage by the apps shown in the Apps manager it only comes to around 160MB... so I figured the rest of the space must be taken up by the OS on the internal memory. With this little RAM things are caching in and out quite a lot and after, for example, playing Hanging With Friends the launcher/phone takes a few seconds to return to normal as the launcher is restored to the foreground. Any tips?
  7. Paul, forgive me for being a noob but I think I need to reduce the size of my ROM installation to free up a bit more system memory for general use. If I select a few less "install to system" options when I bake the ROM though I suspect it's going to leave them if they're already installed, just not install new copies? So what's the most effective way to free up some space on the system partition please?
  8. Hmm. My phone's been really struggling on this ROM for the last couple of releases, even now I've got Franco's kernel working. Paul, can you give me any advice on finding out what the problem is? It's got around 100MB of RAM free most of the time which seems a bit low... Swype Beta seems to be taking up huge amounts of RAM. I'm not sure if this is the problem though. Maybe I should try ODEXing. Edit: Using the Odex me now app caused a boot crash which I could fix by re-flashing R9, odd.Anyway, the slowdown appears to be caused by Lightflow. I disabled it and my phone was back to normal. Might be because "run as foreground app" was ticked, but I'm not 100% sure yet.
  9. Hi Paul. For some reason the Enhanced Power Menu is no longer giving me 'reboot to recover' and other options under 'reboot', it just says "Your phone will reboot, continue y/n". Any idea why this might be? I've tried turning the option for the reboot menu off and on in the settings and when this option is off the reboot menu item completely disappears. Never mind, found the answer here: https://plus.google.com/+CyanogenMod/posts/iWRWc4bdXJb I left the post here for anyone else who didn't realise there was a change.
  10. Hi Paul. I'm not sure if I'm doing something derpy but I installed the latest stable Franco kernel, downloaded via Franco's app, and it caused my phone to lock up on the Google logo. Reinstalling the r3 update fixed the problem. Perhaps I shall leave well enough alone!
  11. Thanks for your swift reply Paul. One more question; if I install Franco's kernel with his updater app should I do it before or after installing the new ROM, or doesn't it make any difference? I haven't messed around with the kernel before but since you recommend Franco I thought I should take the plunge.
  12. Hi Paul, great work. Does the version of the Gallery in this support the sphere malarkey (i.e. the same as ModaCo)? Also, is the Messaging app the stock one or the Cyanogen one? I understand that the Cyanogen one has quite a few extra features.
  13. Hi Paul... I was about to bake a ROM with the menu buttons on both sides, but it seems though that's now active the enhanced power menu is now greyed out again. Is this deliberate? Thanks, Skimble
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