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  1. fishsticks

    HTC announce the '10', their new Android flagship device

    Looks good! I'm interested to see how the OIS helps the camera, the RAW/manual shooting capabilities and how responsive/accurate the fingerprint sensor is. Have you got an 'ice view' case to test as well?
  2. fishsticks

    SwiftKey is half price for a limited time only

    Gah! This just came up in my RSS feed this morning but it seems the half price offer has now expired! D'oh!
  3. fishsticks

    In pictures: Nexus 7 32GB confirmed at £199

    Rargh! I'm a 16GB owner. Bit miffed that they're doing double the storage not even 6 months later for the same price. I suppose they did reward early adopters with £15 of play store credit though.
  4. fishsticks

    Samsung to release 4 inch Galaxy S3 "Mini"

    I think it's clever of Samsung to brand 4" screens as 'mini'. When compared against Samsung's range of small (mini), medium (regular S3) and large (note 2) screens, the iphone5 is made to look like a device from the lower end of the spectrum. I wonder if they have done some research into whether consumers conflate screen size to device quality/power?
  5. fishsticks

    Samsung Galaxy Music announced

    Great, now not only do we have to put up with listening to other people's music on buses, now we have to ignore their videos too!
  6. fishsticks

    Mastering Tasker - 1: Getting Started

    Great article. Was always worried about trying Tasker as lots of people made it sound complicated. Absolutely no trouble with this guide.
  7. fishsticks

    #askmodaco - The Nexus 7

    Are the 'Project Butter' UI improvements noticeable? Thanks

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