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  1. Hi, after a bit of searching I don't think your problem is hardware related but due to a bad flash or incorrect firmware. See the following Google search and you will see others with similar problems with other MTK based phones after flashing incorrect firmware. https://www.google.co.uk/#q=error+nand+flash+was+not+detected+mtk6577 ....and specifically see this post on the xda forums: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1866962 Don't forget that there are three different versions of the G3 and the firmware is different for each. There is the original G3, the G3N and the G3S. So check which version you have and make sure you have the correct firmware. Good luck
  2. Which part is not working. Try running the script direct from SManager by pressing the 'Run' button in the following screenshot. That will at least confirm if the script itself is working. Also, I think your MIUI rom has init.d support so it should work by just putting the script in the init.d folder. However, test the script first by just running it and see if that works.
  3. After much searching and piecing together various snippets of information from various internet sources I have now found a solution to this proximity issue. See this reply to my post on the xdadevelopers forum regarding this which refers to a new custom ROM which has a fix for this applied. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=46641282&postcount=8 So basically this fix can be applied to any ROM whether it be custom or stock and consists of a script which is run at at startup. The only criteria is that the ROM must be rooted. I'm afraid I can't offer any advice on this as I rooted mine a long time ago and I can't remember what method I used. However, if you check out the 'Jiayu G Series' forum on Modaco you will find advice regarding this. If you are running a custom ROM which has init.d support then the script can be placed in the init.d folder and will automatically be run as the phone boots up. However, if you are running a stock rom as I am then it will not have init.d support and so the script will have to be run another way. What I have done is to use a free android app called SManager (link at bottom of post) which has the function of running scripts at boot time. Create a file with the name '99proximity' and the following contents: (copy & paste from this box) #!/system/bin/sh echo 900 > /sys/bus/platform/drivers/als_ps/psthd Copy this file onto the SD card in the phone. I suggest putting it in a folder called 'scripts' rather than just loose on the SD card. I have also attached the script file to this post to save you creating it yourself. Then install SManager and then proceed as follows: Launch SManager and navigate to your 'scripts' folder (or wherever you put the script file): ...Open the scripts folder where you will see the script you created earlier: ...select the script which will bring up the following screen: when you first enter this screen all the option buttons (Fav, Su, Boot, Net, Blth, Wlck & Ntfy) will be greyed out as they are not yet selected. Press 'Su' and 'Boot' which will then show up as activated as in the screenshot. These options specify running the script as root at boot time. Press save, exit SManager and then reboot the phone Hopefully when the phone has booted up the promity sensor will work properly. This fix has been working on my phone for a few months now so I know it works. Hopefully this tutorial is complete but it is mainly from memory so I may have missed something. If you do have any problems post back here and I will do my best to help. Link to SManager on Google Play Store - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=os.tools.scriptmanager 99proximity.zip
  4. yes I have tried the Rocky v2.3 rom from the Needrom site but it made no difference to the proximity sensor problem. The rom was very good except for the fact that the email, calendar and messaging apps were a horrible white text on a black background. This made those apps very difficult to read and looked horrid. Therefore I have reverted back to the official Jelly Bean beta rom. As I said though I still had to recalibrate the proximity sensor after each reboot.
  5. That's strange, I'm on the 4.1.2 beta firmware and I've still got the proximity sensor problem.
  6. My test was on the G3 (original version). Sorry, I forgot we were talking about the G3S.
  7. I have just done a test by listening to BBC Radio 2 using the FM radio and using the iPlayer radio app and I can confirm that the FM radio is indeed mono but the iPlayer stream is stereo. I have also checked other internet radio streams and they are stereo ad well (Absolute radio for one).
  8. Sounds good. Do you mind me asking where you purchased the G3S from and did it come already rooted or did you root it yourself and, if so, how easy was it. Also, what is the GPS like on the G3S and did it come with the Google apps and Google services (like the Play store) already installed.
  9. Why are you getting rid of it and what are you moving to now? How are you finding the G3S after having the G3. I'm seriously considering getting the G3S myself but I just don't know if I can justify it. Other than my proximity sensor problem (see this post) which requires recalibration after each reboot I'm still really happy with it. When I was still on the official release ICS firmware the phone wouold lock up probably once a day and require a battery pull meaning I would then have to recalibrate the proximity sensor. However since updating it to the official JB beta rom a few weeks back I haven't had a single lockup. The only issue I have now which was introduced with the JB update is that my caller ID is not correctly matching local and international numbers stored in Google contacts. This is a known problem with various roms and requires the framework.jar file to be decompiled and edited to correct it which I have attempted to do unsuccessfully. I have posted about this problem requesting help here and also here on xda. However, unfortunately no-one has come forth with any help yet. I would be interested to know your thoughts on the G3S.
  10. I think that is one of the risks you take when buying a phone from China. You are not protected by European laws. Having said that I have bought two Chinese phones this year from Etotalk.com and cannot fault the service they provide. I haven't had to return anything but I have had a need to email their customer services and I have had a very helpful response back the same working day allowing for time difference. Also, bearing in mind that having received the phone and verifying everything is working correctly, within a couple of hours I have rooted it, installed a custom recovery and possibly loaded an updated or custom rom so I have probably invalidated the warranty anyway so worrying about whether I can return the phone in three months time if it develops a fault is immaterial. Basically, if you want piece of mind and the security of a warranty then you pay the higher price and purchase a phone locally. However, if you want a high spec phone at a low price then you have to be prepared to take a few risks.
  11. Hi, I am hoping that one of the Android developers on here might be able to give me a bit of advice please regarding editting my 'framework.jar' file. I have a Jiayu G3 phone running Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 but my caller ID is not functioning properly because it is not matching local & international numbers. Having done a lot of searching it appears that this is probably due to the parameters in the 'framework.jar' file as per this post on xdadeveloper here I have succesfully decompiled the 'framework-res.apk' file using apktools and confirmed that the 'config_use_strict_phone_number_comparation' variable is set to false. However, I am having trouble decompiling the 'framework.jar' file. I have copied the 'framework.jar' file from my phone and opened it in a Jave decompiler. However, all I am presented with is the following: In the xda post it says the following: ...but I don't appear to have that in mine. Am I doing something wrong. If anyone could offer any advice I would be very grateful. Many thanks Russell P'S. I tried posting this in the xda post itself but I don't have authorisation to post in the developers section so I thought I would try here where I am a regular poster.
  12. What version of MobileUncleTools are you running?
  13. Hi Coffer52, Sorry I didn't respond earlier but I've had a lot on and haven't been on Modaco for a while. In answer to your question, no I have had absolutely no response from Jiayu at all. I also emailed the developer of MobileUncleTools to see if he had a solution to the problem of the calibration not being saved, but I got no response from him either. The only response I did get was from Etotalk where I bought the phone from. They were more helpfull and emailed me a APK file to calibrate the proximity sensor. Unfortunately it didn't work though and only works wityh HTC phones. So, I'm still in the same boat at the moment not being able to save the sensor calibration. With respect to MobilerUncleTools, they have moved the PSensor calibration in later versions so it is no longer where I originally said it was. It is now in: 'Engineer Mode --> Engineer Mode (MTK) --> Other Extra --> PSensor' The version of MobileUncleTools I am using is 20130619v2.9.3 and is the latest available in the Play store. Hope this is helpfull
  14. Hi robo27, Thanks very much for the real world review of the G3S. I too own the original G3 (purchased in January through Etotalk) and, on the whole, I think it was a good phone albeit with a few negative points. GPS is quite weak and unreliable, the bluetooth connection with my cars hands free is flaky and the worst thing is that my proximity sensor has lost it's calibration (see separate post). I have since purchased an UMI X1S which is an excellent phone but has other drawbacks and I miss using my G3. So I have been thinking of getting a G3S but have been waiting to hear from someone who actually owns one. I think you've just made my mind up. Thanks
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