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  1. RenegadeAndy

    Slightly broken Vega available for a good home

    I could perhaps use it......can you send me some more contact details to [email protected]
  2. RenegadeAndy

    Broken Vega Glass cover

    Hi Guys. The dreaded has happened. The tablet slid of the side of the sofa and onto a side of a metal pole and the glass cover over the screen has cracked. The screen still works perfectly, its just annoying to view now. I read another thread asking about options for repair - I am quite handy with electronic replacements done several laptop screens, but just wondered if anybody has actually replaced the glass cover of a vega and can walk me through where they sourced the actual panel? Many thanks, Andy
  3. RenegadeAndy

    My Vega and its wireless just broke...

    Works absolutely perfectly! Wonderful upgrade! Something bad turned into something perfect! Cheers!
  4. RenegadeAndy

    My Vega and its wireless just broke...

    Cool - trying the install now!
  5. Hey Guys. I am currently running : Vegacomb 3.2 VC 3.2 Build 9n kernel : [email protected] #3 Today the wifi randomely disconnected - I got it reconnected then it died again, and now when I try to turn on the wireless in the android options it just sits there saying "Turning on" and then eventually moves to "Error" Any advice would be very welcome! Cheers, Andy
  6. RenegadeAndy

    Help needed - Vegacomb install

    Ok so I followed : http://android.modaco.com/topic/340184-beginnersnon-techie-guide-to-installing-vegacomb/ However - my vega still sits on the booting animation - and never actually starts!? Help!
  7. RenegadeAndy

    Help needed - Vegacomb install

    Ahhh I have done that - so how do I now apply the vegacomb!?
  8. RenegadeAndy

    Help needed - Vegacomb install

    Right...so after I have done that...what follows!?
  9. RenegadeAndy

    Help needed - Vegacomb install

    Hey folks! I got my vega last xmas - installed whatever rom modaco recommended at the time - and didnt use it until a couple of days ago!! I finally decided I need the tablet again - and have tried to install Vegacomb. I downloaded it and put the zip on the sdcard - I had the clockwork recovery mod installed so I booted into recovery - said apply zip from sd card - selected the vegacomb zip and it said all was complete. Now when i try to boot i get the warning about vegacomb being free and if you paid you have been scammed followed by the vegacomb animation - and the animation never seems to end.....so I think something has gone wrong. Can anyone offer a bit of advice on what my next steps are!?
  10. RenegadeAndy

    Wiimote for Dungeon Defenders

    Does anybody know if this works and if so how can i get it working??!
  11. RenegadeAndy

    Wiimote for Dungeon Defenders

    Has anybody got the wiimote software working to control dungeon defenders!? Would seem a perfect way to control such a game!!
  12. RenegadeAndy

    MoDaCo Custom r6 discussion archive

    Hey! Just got my vega for xmas this morning - in love with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:);)!!!! Anyway - I downloaded this custom rom - but dont seem to see a version with the performance pack that I can download - is that content limited to paying only members? If so thats a sad face from me but a happy face for the great work on enabling the appstore!
  13. RenegadeAndy

    Dungeon Defenders release!

    OMG! This game looks fairly dam epic - and will make use of the Tegra2 dual core ARM chip! Rumoured release date is the 23rd of December! http://dungeondefenders.com/
  14. RenegadeAndy

    Best case for the vega

    Hey guys - tryna find the best case for the vega - but can only find one! Has anyone bought the advent one? Can they give me a review of it? How does it work , is it comfy to use the tablet inside the case? Cheers, http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/advent-vega-...rq&istBid=t
  15. RenegadeAndy

    Most impressive thing about the vega

    Atom or Arm,,,,neither of those is tegra!?

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