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  1. Hi Rapid i'm using your NXXJJ1 2.5 sense rom, this my first time flashing, no problem at all. The only thing that i notice, there is no 'always turn on' in setting/display/screen off time. I need it for papago X3 navigation application coz can't set the screen off time in that application. In my previous firmware, the selection is there. Sorry for my bad English
  2. Problem solve by enable the xtra server to get the sat position data , after get fix to sat, exit papago program, disable the xtra server, delete the xtra.bin file in device directory. after that the gps software can lock to sat every time i'm under clear sky.
  3. Hi Need help on i8000 gps, while using satnav (papago x5) until battery drain-out,if i turn on after recharging it will show no satellites signal at all, seem that some of the setting gone, it will never show any satellits signal even i left it searching for for that 2hours++. i also try to use #*1472365# nogarder GPS, it will keep blinking without any satellites in view. Anyone facing this before my device PDA: RAPIDNXXJH1 CSC: 18000XSOJB1 PHONE : 18000XXJF1 Sorry for bad english
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