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  1. Tnx rhen! I will try that app and report back :)
  2. Just tried what you suggested and you were right! Android 4.4.x seams to kill process. Detection is working while app is in recent app list if is app is removed from list it don't get activated. I hope for some solution, I just don't wont to manually activate app every time.
  3. Just to report one bug that is still present from first CM11 build. I use my phone for playing music in ma car via aux input on car stereo. To automate some task and to increase low volume of android phone I am using car kit app and volume boost app. Both apps are adjusted to activate when phone detect jack from head pones or aux cable. Problem is that from first CM11 this don't work, when I connect aux cable or headphones cable jack in phone, phone don't register that jack is plugged in and don't run car kit and volume boost app. Sound is played correctly on connected device but I must manually activate dose two apps and that is so annoying. This function worked great on CM9.1, CM10, CM10.1. Other than that I have no problems :D Great ROM
  4. Clean installed 1211 CM11 Nightly and striped Gapps thet rhen posted an evrthing is working now, google play etc, just one bug for me is present: I cant move apps to SD card!
  5. I would sugest Daz if he can to implement swap of internal partitions like Joestone did in his CM10.1 ROM and automatically you get a lot bigger system partition and no storage problem. I was using Joestone CM10.1 ROM with swaped internal partition and I really liked that idea of bigger system partition.
  6. Just tried to install 1210 Nightly vi CM updater, it downloaded update but when phone rebooted in to recovery it ask to install untrusted packed (signature verification failed) and I confirmed Yes, CWM shows installation aborted and automatically restart recovery after that phone booted normally but update wasn't installed!
  7. Phone was on clean install of Daz CM11 Experimental build with striped PA gapps that Daz provided, latest CWM is instaled I have Samsung memory if is that of any importance. Play store was working fine in Experimental CM11 build, when CM11 nightly came out I installed via CM updater and Play store was working until first reboot.
  8. I updated to 1209 version via CM updater but still play store says no connection! Fund another bug cant move app to SD card. Other than that ROM is super fast :)
  9. Also I see that people that did clean install of CM11 Nightly was end up without launcher. I will wait next version, if Daz correct that in next version I will do a clean install. Thanks again for trying to help me
  10. I don't have CWM backup of experimental CM11 build that was on my phone. Play store was working normally in experimental CM11 even when I update to Nightly CM11 until first reboot, now it just shows no connection. Just five mins ago I wiped cache and davlink cache and re-installed CM11 Nightly with PA gapps but I didn't do wipe data/ factory reset and its the same, still no connection. Thanks for suggestion.
  11. No, I just did update via CM updater. I was on CM11 experimental build.
  12. Is some other have problem with play store or just me. I re-flashed gapps again but no luck, play store still shows no connection and every other app have access to internet.
  13. I got new problem I restarted my phone and I cant access google play it says check your internet connection: I have working internet WiFi in my house but I tried also mobile internet but goole play shows same error. I re-flashed PA mini gapps but same, google play showing check your internet connection. Before first restart after installation google play wos working. Help please.
  14. Great work Daz! Just one problem I don't have gallery app in app drawer just app called Photos. And one more just discover it, I am on baseband 2030 and I cant set processor frequency more then 1008MHz.

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