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  1. Yes, the open of application is slow, but I think that it is a compcache effect....
  2. I'm sorry but I didn't read your post before...
  3. Yes, I don't use liquidparts.... and I have no problems with wifi or 3g connections. I think that v6 supercharger is the key to manage the low ram memory of our liquid without problems...
  4. Two days ago I installed CM9 in my liquid A1 and with this lucky configuration I had never again reboot or freezes! These are the steps that you have to follow: 1) Install last CM9 from thepasto (thank you guy!) 2) Install GAPPS 3) Boot your phone without simcard and follow the start configuration 4) Type free in a terminal and be sure that you are using swap 5) Download last "v6 supercharger" script and run it from "Script Manager" with SU permissions 6) Download "no-frills cpu control" from playstore and set min:128 max:960, smartassv2, noop 7) If now your phone is slow disable compcache from terminal 8) Type "a2sd install" in terminal for move your apps to ext partition. (I leave dalvik cache on internal memory) With this configuration I never had random reboot or freezes again, I don't know if I'm lucky or if this configuration really works....
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