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  1. Just seen two in store, shocked has less storage than the first one. only showing 9.12gb total storage. Lets hope there is true apps2 sd too. Apart from that looks nice
  2. I have this tablet and the long Bezel has a issue where it can detect your fingers for around 3-4mm from the screen, so if you have adult sized hands it pickups up the input from there, and it starts to get a pain if you are typing with you right hand and holding it near the screen ( on the bezel ) with your left. Also if you press the bezel just right the popup comes up for the wall paper settings etc. Apart from this its a fast and good tablet, Mine was £99.99 30th May. Just under 15,000 on quadrant standard edition. Also I know when I had one before you can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time. and both work at the same time. I had audio going out over Bluetooth an a Bluetooth mouse all working away at once Mines gone back as screen fault on bezel was very bad. Also morgancomputers dot co dot uk are doing them used for £75 plus shipping
  3. Vodafone UK are Doing the HTC one mini for £160 over this bank holiday. I got the black one from a Vodafone store and it turned out to be unlocked. But has Vodafone boot screen etc. Great phone just don't like sence, and it got 6633 on quadrant with kitkat update installed.
  4. My son traded in his 3g PS vita for the Nexus 7 which they had marked up wrong and was in fact a 3g version that should have cost £20 more. He's only 8 so he's not that bothered lol
  5. Well I've gone back to a Nexus 7 tegra 3 version, at least the screen works without problems, my son got one used for £120 with 32gb and 3g too from Cex I will have to wait for a better version of the tegra 4 based tablet :-(
  6. I got the KOBO as I did not have the money for a Advent, then I got the money and gave my wife the KOBO. the Kobo does 3000 in Quadrant lol I have to take my lastest one back it worse than the first one. Keeps telling me that I have removed the headphones every time its booted up from cold. Plus the touch screen problem I have a video on youtube if you search for me its ATC9000. lets hope they get it right with the Next one.
  7. I would like one. And 32gb memory. 64gb would be nice and retail cost is around £25.00 for that much in a nand flash based USB stick. 7" screen with better touch as my note(s) seem odd. Light for Camera. And moved to Center Like the Playbook. USB on the bottom for charging in car while using as sat nav, ( I know it rotates the screen) A format feature for microSD. No flex or not as much. A Amoled Display, Well it looks great on my Nokia 1020. It would be nice at around £250
  8. http://www.androidheadlines.com/2014/01/new-tegra-note-7-reference-tablet-comes-tegra-k1-full-hd-display-4gb-ram.html
  9. I got a refund, and then got another one a few days later after buying a kobo arc 32gb lol. You can only get refund before 28 days are up I think..
  10. I was told by know how to return it so its gone back now, just got my moga pro sat here doing nothing now. been and got a New one today and its still working on the borders like the last one did. Is anyone else's doing the same? Thanks
  11. Hi Is anyone else having edge problems, the left and right sides to the screen are when touched, are bringing up the options For choose wallpaper from, and I mean my finger is not on the visible screen just the black border It does not do it on the top or bottom edge the parts with the speakers on ? Also sometimes the screen will not respond to touches at all for a few goes. Thanks.
  12. I updated mine at 11:30am and it seems to work. I have download a 550mb game and I found the back got very warm all over. Also I have noticed that you can connect and use TWO Bluetooth Devices at a time. I have the Bluetooth Moga Pro controller and a Bluetooth Wireless Logitech speaker adapter ( Pc world just over £25 ) And when I was showing someone the controller I noticed it also connected to the Logitech speakers at the same time. The Moga Pro worked like this on both A and B Modes. Not sure if you could do that before update but it does do it on mine.
  13. I was able to get my £30 price match money, but she was taking the tablet off me like I had done a full return. So had to ask for it back, she said she was not used to doing price match's lol.
  14. I got it in store, so popping it back in morning for a price match. Thanks
  15. I have mine at £129 hopefully price match them in the Morning. Screen is only standard HD, but not a problem. I find the case does twist a bit but at the now lower price its a steal. Very fast over 16,000 on Quadrant standard on a good day. just over 15,000 when been on for a while. I find that the stylus/Pen is a bit loose. as it kicks in the Pens app selection when its out just a tiny bit. I just leave the pen out to stop it.. The speakers are good for a tablet at its full price at least they are on the front, I do like the 6 magnets in the back just behind the speakers, I can mount it on our Fridge while doing the washing up LOL.... It also has a natty feature to allow you to run just off two main cores when screen is on and the slower Single one when screen is off Only other downside is there is no feature to format the MicroSD card in the settings. It able to run San Andreas with everything turned upto the highest settings. I see also its gone back upto £129, which is still good.
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