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  1. g6hoq

    LG G Watch R Review

    I manage to snag one of the first in the UK via Clove, and love most of it, I suppose its Wear I am not to sure of yet, my last watch was the Sony Smartwatch 2, tons more apps than Android Wear, and battery life to die for, mine lasted about 4 days, but the low resolution screen was its downfall. I found the Sony so much easier to use, guess I will have to learn Wear... mind you I do fancy the Asus for a going out watch... use this G Watch R for work. Steve
  2. I wouldn't switch operator, contracts are too long nowadays, but wish our telcos would offer a facility to allow wifi calling / receiving if off the 3g/gsm network as I am from home, my old Blackberry had UMA which worked so so, but what would be better is Viber/Orange or even something like Google Voice as in the states. As Orange do not do a Femtocell like Vodafone I will stay dark when at home... a small price to pay for the free SG3 they gave me in May.
  3. You probably have some downloads stuck in the queue, check the download icon and remove anything which seems to be stuck, also you could check in settings, applications, running services, and you can stop the dmclient service, you can then recheck for updates and hopefully it should start downloading again for you. Steve
  4. No the previous install was GR5 standard kernel. I do have an external SD card in, that is what I was flashing from via Paul's cwm Tried again with wipes, and same result. To resolve this, I removed battery and booted into software install mode (power+down volume), downloaded the KDZ V20m rom and following the process described here (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1327929) I installed the rom Initially it errored with messages about corrupt partitions, but pressing restart caused it to reinstall correctly So now stock V20m and seems all good again... will upgrade again to GR6 today (wish me luck ) Steve
  5. formatted /system wiped & factory reset reinstalled GR6 bootloop again.... It isnt logical, it worked once, just not again since the reboot
  6. Okay... not sure what this is connected with.... Just baked a standard GB rom, wipe and factory reset, flashed rom from sd card all the same as normal. Ext3, standard kernel, BB from previous GR5 install Started setup, logged in to google (after wifi) phone seemed quite normal. Restarted the phone and now boot loop. so wiped again, wiped dalvic cache too re-installed same rom and still boot loop Just get the LG logo and then black screen goto line 1 any ideas? Steve edit: connected to charger, same thing left disconnected a few minutes now it will not boot, black screen permanently on... is this a first? left a few minutes and boot loop again. I will try a KDZ install, but wonder why it broke after a reboot ?? Steve p.s. this is not connected to the email issue, didnt even get that for lol
  7. It's from stock Froyo as FR14 or whatever version we got to....I can restore it using Titanium Backup, but someone else must be having this problem..or maybe not lol. com.android.email-8-2.2.zip
  8. It's listed in Ti Backup and Applications as Email 2.2 , whereas the LG stock version is listed as Email 1.0 and the GB one is listed as Email 2.3.4 the actual filename I think is com.android.email When I get this problem, which only happens on Exchange email accounts, restoring Email 2.2 over Email 2.3.4 fixes the problem. I haven't heard anyone else with a similar problem though, but It is reproduceable. I use accounts on both Exchange 2003 and 2010 so it's not the server side playing up. Thanks Steve
  9. Any chance you can include the option to install eMail v2.2 instead of the current GB version, The 2.2 one is the only version I can get working with multiple exchange accounts without it asking to be setup every time I start it. Both the LG and GB versions fail to save the configuration details, this happened also with GR5 Thanks Steve
  10. Trying to create a shortcut on the home screen to a html file stored on the tablet, it runs fine in the browser but if I create a shortcut and save to home screen it always errors with application not installed. The shortcut contents is just the url file:/// etc etc and I would assume it should initially bring up a dialog box asking for the default app to start it... edit: forgot to mention... the home screen short cuts work fine for websites (http://www.google.com etc, but not for a local html file, file:///index.html etc any help appreciated Steve edit again: Just found out, the default android browser will not open files, only those served by a web server...
  11. am I missing something? isn't there a upload limit of 100MB at a time..... if so its going to take some time to fill that 50GB
  12. g6hoq

    ICS Keyboard

    I've tried SwiftkeyX and bought Smartkey and Flext9 and the ICS one is much more accurate for my stubby fingers, the prediction isn't a patch on the Swiftkeyx and hasn't the bells and whistles of the Flext9 but it types what I expect it to which is important to me.
  13. Wonders if all these strikers would like to fight for my pension rights too, after all I pay into their pension?

  14. I agree, i've lost data connectivity once or twice unsure about voice as I am not very popular lol, a restart fixes that, and non LG email client doesn't work on exchange, but installing v2.2. fixes that too. But a good every day build. Steve and Thanks Paul.
  15. Yo brilliant overtake, Button 2nd me thinks

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