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  1. PendingThought ROM for HTC FLYER Based on the OFFICIAL HoneyComb release (3.55.405.1) WiFi for the HTC Flyer. *Main Screen of Upcoming Release. Requirements In order to flash this ROM, you need ClockworkMod recovery installed. You MUST complete the upgrade to stock Honeycomb and be ROOTED! The ROM is installed at your own risk. The ROM should be installed using ClockworkMod. A wipe is NOT necessary but is recommended. Downloads... PendingThought v0.2 - ??/12/11 - Working On...! Custom Theming Including new Font and Battery Mod.HoneyComb Standard Camera and Video App Combined.HoneyComb Standard Video App.DSP Manager Added.Removed: Google Music( HTC was far better ) PendingThought v0.1 - 16/12/11 - Download! Base v3.55.405.1Full up to date Google experience + additionalGoogle Music for 3.2RootedSuperuser InstalledDeodexedSecure flag turned off on the boot imageStock recovery replaced by CWMRemoved: Kid Mode + Teeter Thanks My thanks go to Paul O'Brien, WestFire(The rom's I have been using till now), Globatron + Revolutionary project for the root and s-off. =)
  2. PendingThought

    HTC Flyer wont turn on

    1: go to run and type cmd (or just open your command prompt) 2: cd C:\android-sdk-windows\tools 3: adb remount 4: adb devices *if everything is set up right this should output a serial number*
  3. PendingThought

    HTC Flyer wont turn on

    Have you tried pushing the original ruu from pauls post via adb? If the device is picked up by the comp that's half the battle.
  4. PendingThought

    HTC Flyer wont turn on

    it seems like the boot image is corrupt. does the computer ever recognise it? if you leave it plugged into the computer for 10-15 mins does it begin to charge?
  5. PendingThought

    HTC Flyer wont turn on

    when you hold the volume down and power for 10 seconds what happens. it shouldn't not power up at all..
  6. PendingThought

    Failed OTA Froyo update, now stuck

    Hey you could try flash the ruu from shippedroms back to 2.1 and try again with the ota.
  7. PendingThought

    Anybody share RUU froyo 2.2 for Legend?

    branded phones where first to received OTA updates I dont understand what your looking for?
  8. PendingThought

    [ROM] PT Froyo V1.0 (Based On WWE 3.15.405.03)

  9. So this is my first ROM for the Legend and will grow in time, please give me your feedback and wish list and I'll work on it! Below is what the ROM has/hasn't (more to come) Rooted (obv) No Boot sound! (it's annoying) Busy Box installed. De-Ox'd System [-]Removed Apps (teeter, stocks, friend stream) [-]No Radio (I assumed this would already be updated) Download links Version One: MegaUpload RapidShare

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