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  1. Does anyone else have any issues with the timestamp on texts in the messaging app? I did install the 31/07 update, but don't know if this was occuring before I did that. Basically, the timestamp on incoming SMS messages is out by an hour. The phone has the correct time & zone settings. The phones sending texts to it are also set correctly. Received messages show a time of an hour before they were actually sent, so conversations appear in the wrong order. I installed ChompSMS as a test & that shows the correct time, so I suspect the Messaging app isn't handling daylight saving properly. I'm in the UK, so we're in BST at the moment. The time showing on incoming messages is what the time would be if we were in GMT.
  2. Thanks for teh help, terminals are now bent out a little & battery is working fine without cardboard wedge.
  3. Getting somewhere now. There's a bad connection on the battery connector. If I push it *almost* in, so it's at an angle, things work. It's tricky holding it that way, but the TPT worked. Now used a bit of card at bottom of battery to push it slightly close to connector and all seems to be working again. I'll see if I can gently ease the connectors out again to create a better connection. So the answer seems to be that, no, you can't do TPT with USB power connected.
  4. Sorry, I realise they all have an image dir, my point was only that I'm putting it in the right place (I think). It's lots of mbn and img files. Tried a different SD card, same result.
  5. I have tried a definite Gen1 TPT image. MD5 checks out, SD card has an image directory. Switch on with Menu & Vol+ and all I get is the Android logo. Is it possible to do a TPT with USB power connected? As that's the only way I can get the phone to power on, it's my only option.
  6. Thanks for that. I've tried a few TPTs and checked that the MD5 is fine. Stuck the image directory onto the SD card and switched on with Menu & Vol+ held down. It just sits on the green Android logo. I've left it for at least half an hour & nothing happens. I'm trying to run Amphoras Blade Checker, but the phone keeps rebooting before I can get my Google account setup. I'm going to give it some time to relax before I try again, but I suspect I may have used the Windows Gen2 method, meaning I need to use different TPT files. One concern is that the instructions say to make sure the phone has plenty of charge and unplug it before TPT. I can't do that, it won't power up without power through the USB.
  7. I switched to an Xperia Neo V ages ago and haven't done much with the OSF, except keep it is a spare. I fancied trying a new rom, but it needed 185MB of space on system, which I didn't have. I used TPT Helper to create a new TPT with the necessary space, swithced off, then on holding Menu & Vol+. It sat at the Android logo for about half an hour, until I gave up & switched it off. At this point, it no longer booted CM7. So I thought it might have succeeded & installed the new rom with no errors. Try to boot & I get as far as the boot animation, no further. At this point, I realised that the phone no longer switches on without USB power. It was definitely fine before. So I thought I'd get it working again, then worry about the power issue. Flashed CM7 again & it booted. Things looked OK, though it rebooted within 5 mins. Checked status and battery said 56%, so I pulled the USB power. It switched off instantly. It was so long ago that I don't remember which method I used to go from Gen1 to Gen2. I don't think I can get into fastboot mode, holding down Vol+ and powering on just gives me the Android logo. Windows detects something but won't install correct drivers. I've tried on 2 different PCs with diff versions of Windows. Menu & Vol+ shows the same logo. So, is it knackered? I'm willing to persever to try to get back to some kind of working state, but this battery/USB power is a worry. If I boot into CM7 and check status, I can see that it thinks the battery is charging as it does go up. Does that and that it was working before discount a dead battery? Has something been fried?
  8. Is this set to Chinese/Japanese by default? I managed to find the language & change to English (UK), but most of the Apps still have names that I can't read. Sorry if this blindingly obvious, it's been a while since I tried CM7.
  9. Celtic67

    easiest way to add clockwork recovery and root

    It works fine. The issue mentioned here is just a message displayed by clockworkmod when it starts up. Everything still works.
  10. Celtic67

    Porting the VillainRom Galaxy Ace rom to P500

    I let the missus have a go with the euro v20e and she's hooked, so I can't get the handset back at the moment. I might stick something stable on the Blade for her so I can get the P500 back for tinkering.
  11. Celtic67

    easiest way to add clockwork recovery and root

    I thought you were on I get the error message when starting clockwork, but I've not had a problem with any of the functions.
  12. Celtic67

    generic european open V20e 2.3.3

    I tried again using KDZ Updater this time and had the same problem, stuck on Android boot animation. Stuck clockwork on, wiped cache, dalvik, reboot, still the same. Reboot into clockwork again, factory reset, reboot, same problem. Finally, back to clockwork, go to Advanced, Fix Permissions, reboot and it's booted up. Icons look fine, the T-Mobile junk is obviously gone, just some LG junk to delete.
  13. Celtic67

    Serious Signal strength issues on stock ROM :(

    I don't have any ideas as to why you're getting signal problems, but I would've thought it was worth trying a 2.3.3 firmware with the new baseband. I don't know if 2.3 has been released in India yet, but there are a few roms available on XDA Developers if not, certainly some being used in India. Again, with ndrive, I'd give it a try on a 2.3.3 rom. If you definitely want 2.2, it'll depend on your provider. As I understand it, these versions like V10d are provider-specific. So one provider's V10d might be 2.2, another might be 2.2.2. As yours is 2.2.2, you'll probably want to look for V10c, V10b, or V10a. Try the instructions here. You might need to scroll down to the line that starts Someone sad that following worked, someone that not. Once you get a link to your latest firmware, try replacing the version with V10c, etc. If you use clockwork to switch between 2.2 and 2.3, remember that you need to change the baseband or you'll get no signal.
  14. Celtic67

    generic european open V20e 2.3.3

    I've got things back to normal again, hopefully. Instead of LGMDP, I used this to flash V20g KDZ. That booted up fine. LGMDP can now do an NV Restore with no errors. I still can't flash V20e using this, though, it gets stuck on the Android boot animation. Anyone actually managed to flash this?

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