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  1. Excuse my newness to this, ive just migrated from the advent vega forum into this forum as ive fallen in love with the p1000 im currently downloading some of the Gameloft games and im wondering when i update the rom to the modaco one and then redownload the apps, will they work? any restrictions over the standard Roms ? thanks Jonathan
  2. Would like to use auto sketch with a pen for jotting down Are there any out there? Thanks in advance Jonathan
  3. Im basing this on the podcasts and the media player from doggcatcher.... just seems low. I am using the standard iphone headphones....also... Many thanks Jonathan
  4. Is there any way to boost the sound on the vega, i cant hear anything when im using my headphones on the underground, my iphone is ten times louder!
  5. Since i downloaded the latest firmware and added the lastest custom modaco update (09 Feb) i seem to have very "juddery" sliding of the menus, if its not that im selecting a app instead of sliding to the next screen? any ideas? doing my head in!
  6. Is this possible, is there a app that can do this? Many thanks Jonathan
  7. Cant seem to get flash to work on dolphin, just says i need to install it? any ideas? thanks in advance :(
  8. Is it just me, or is it now finished? shames that this is the only place to get them and i never get the first one right! so the £3 is something i guess? * Not working on PC world either!
  9. One of the reasons i wanted the vega is to watch my podcasts on the train? anyone have a good experiances with ones that work on the vega really well. im trying out beyondpod at the moment. any help will be great. thanks Jonathan
  10. Would like to know which applications would be good on the advent, i found some rapidshare downloaders but i dont understand the requierd Ip it is asking for? Im new to android! Also whats a good torrent downloader for the vega, anyone have any good experiances with any of them? Thanks
  11. i bought the advent one and its a really bad fit!
  12. just got my official folio case delivered from currys... have to say that ive packed it up and will be returning it. it doesnt go in enough that the hole for the camera meets up to the camera. and with a small tug it does actually fall out. what are the closest equivalents to the vega that i can get a case from as im tired of it just hanging around.... Thanks Jonathan
  13. On the custom firmware i have noticed that the battery hasnt dropped from 89% Now the red led is flashing which im guessing is for low battery? Anyone had this problem, couldnt find anything in settings! Thanks in advance Jonathan
  14. worked a treat....thanks Jonathan
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