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  1. Ok, so I have rooted my ot990 and I uninstalled some apps that came with service provider. Everything went smooth and my phone is now faster. I have stock 2.2 rom. The problem is, my phone internal memory still has sam ammount of memory like before I erased those system aps. And yes, they are gone :) Can some1 help me with this problem ?? thx
  2. Can you make an update so that the users can run that update and get older market ?
  3. Revert Revert Revert :) Who cares about the look of the new market when its not working fast? Can you make the patch so that we can chose if we want to patch it or not ?
  4. It's faster but not as 2.1. Try flashing your own phone with this update in order to make sure that you get the same result :)
  5. Sry for non-english writting :) Aj na pm mi posalji kako da obrisem neku aplikaciju preko root exp. Nisam video tamo uninstall opciju? Hvala.
  6. Cant w8 for that update regarding the market. Airplane mode works, but it is a liitle buggy. When I enter airplane mode on 2.1 Stock no wireless comm is possible. On this rom, when I activate I can freely activate wifi for example. On Racerboy rom 2.3 (racerroms.uk) market works good. See if you can fix it :) I prefer this rom because the fonts are better. @equilium Sa kojom besplatno aplikacijom mogu da obrisem aplikacije koje mi ne trebaju ? hvala.
  7. IT's a good Rom. 2 Bugs that I have noticed, Market is working very slowly and airplane mode is not working.
  8. Do you know how to change that app drawer button? I installed many themes but I cant change it. I disabled left and right action buttons since I didnt like the way they look.
  9. yes I have rebooted it... Cant be disabled.. Now I am on that Sense rom and I must say I like it more than Racerboy one. Haptic is working too.
  10. Okay, so now I have that 2.3 rom (racerboy) but I cant disable haptic?? It's disabled in settings but it still vibrates? One more thing, the fonts look a bit ugly, can I change them ?
  11. Hmm 2.3 is fine, but I heard that there is no 2.3 rom that is complete? Which one do you recommend ?
  12. I want to go to 2.2 but I dont know which rom is complete, without bugs , battery drain etc. So which one do you recommend ?
  13. I'm maybe little off topic , but since I want to install this rom (I'm still at 2.1 eclair custom modded by myself :) ) , I was wondering if there is a way to make image (like ghost image for windows) so I can easily restore to 2.1 with all my settings if I dont like this rom. Is there a way to do that ?
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