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  1. I also have a U8220 and I applied the official T-Mobile 2.1 update (which was later removed from their website due to some issues). The 2.1 ROM worked on my phone.
  2. I had the opposite issue, where my Pulse was terribly slow and unresponsive with the stock Huwaei ROM. CyanogenMod makes my phone much faster and smoother. I played with the settings a little just yesterday. I found that CompCache makes my phone seem less responsive and really ran the battery down, so I have it disabled. I have not partitioned my microSD card, so I'm not using swap (I think), and I'm using the app2sd which is built into Froyo (places limits on what can be put on the microSD card but probably safer). Erlend
  3. Thanks very much for your help Fusion, I had assumed fastboot and recovery were the same thing :s. I'm up and running now with CyanogenMod and it's incredible.
  4. Hi, I have a T-mobile Pulse, u8220. I've kind of become fed up with the lack of any kind of an update from T-mobile / Huwaei, so I want to install Cyanogenmod 6.1 for Pulse. I should say first that I'm currently running the T-mobile 2.1 UK upgrade, which was available on the T-mobile site but has since been removed because of some issue. When I boot into bootloader I get USB FastBoot: V0.5 Machine ID: 1007000 v0 Build Date: Jun 30 2010, 23:25:17 ... ptn 0 name='boot' start=304 len=20 ... (there are a total of 6 ptns) When I'm in this screen I run "install-recovery-windows.bat" from Clockwork. It says that about 3MB is traferred to the phone, so I remove the battery and reboot into the bootloader, however I just get the blue screen again - so the Clockwork ROM clearly hasn't been traferred properly. I have tried from a Linux (Ubuntu) machine but then adb won't list the phone while it's in fastboot mode. I guess it isn't safe to flash the phone while it's booted normally? Thanks.
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