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  1. hey, thanks for this how to. i had to modify the process in order to reach 'Qualcomm flash mode' volume down and power leads to some other flash mode FT correct one for me was switch phone completely off, then hit vol up and down without power and then connect usb to pc. then in device manager some qualcom device is shown. also then qfil tool (not in your list) recognizes it as qualcom device, and then i had to remove some driver that i had installed previously, in the device manager and reconnect it again, and then also your miflash recognized it, and then i was able to flash it there just for people stuck in the future on the same issue
  2. i spend 2 hours now to get my phone fitting to 186 mb sys partition, here are all the necessary files so that not all of the other retro fans have to search again: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4vh6r45j3y605rj/custom_tpt_zte_blade.zip includes: Gen1-to-Gen2-TPT-v10-custom.zip TPT Helper.apk recovery-cwm- Blade Checker_v2.1_apkpure.com.apk ZTE Blade Partition Layout Tool.exe i hope it is okay that i collected all the files, thanks to the distributors
  3. i installed your new version the last day. this evening i was able to test outgoing and incoming lte calls, they work fine now, thanks for your fast response :) the new update has changed something in the power settings. now the little cpu is way too slow. i changed it to minimum 500 ghz and to interactive governor. otherwise the normal ui response is way too slow for me. everything else seems to work fine, thank you for your wonderful work!
  4. I found a bug. While being on lte I'm not able to recieve calls, they just got blocked and there is no missed call SMS. Just nothing. It seems that we need VoLTE or we need a 3g fallback on incoming calls. Besides of that i am really happy with your rom. https://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-note-3/development/volte-patches-nougat-based-cm-roms-t3509257 edit: reflashing helped to solve a different problem, now i am able to connect my phone to my computer via usb. and the device shows the internal storage in my computer. also now i am able to use the google home mini app. this time i used the full open gapps.
  5. Tested this ROM for 3 days so far and I am positively surprised. Everything works, the camera, the telephone, even the battery runtime is perfect with battery calibration from nema in playstore and kernel adjutor Settings: GPU min to 220, governor simple on demand. CPU big min to 533, governor powersave, CPU little min to 499, governor interactive and set at system start. And in system settings change battery setting to energy saving Besides if you have the SD not accessible bug, install exposed and search for marshmallow SD fix, maybe it helps LTE works. Thanks for this great rom
  6. i formatted the sd card like in the link said, but when i connect the phone with my computer it only shows the real internal storage and not the extendet sd storage in the phone itself it seems to look good. anyone has also problems using the sd? *edit* nevermind, i first hat to migrate the data to the external
  7. ah sorry, you're right. hmm that sounds like its realy hard to get the official updates and keep root. in this case i'll wait a little bit more for the marshmallow update, the root was a little bit hard to get :) thanks for the guide how to do it, and thanks for the warning :) i keep that in mind for the next bigger update
  8. so i need to change the bootloader back to stock recovery, everytime i want to update? but at my version MR02b there is no recovery is there any way to keep the twrp with root and also get updates? besides of that, there is the update: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q24ejgg6odtf641/update.zip?dl=0
  9. ive got a smart ultra with VDF-995NB01-UK_MR02b in addition i installed twrp to get workling root. right now i used the stock rom software update. it found a new update with 43 mb. after the download it restarts into twrp, then there is nothing, after a restart the update has failed how can i install the update? any ideas?
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