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  1. Hello, I was wondering. is it possible to remove the SIM lock on this phone? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply. Where did you get z4root? Is it possible to use the San Francisco/Blade version?
  3. Has no-one tried UniversalAndroot with the V9? It would be nice to know.
  4. Hello, I've recently bought a ZTE V9 Light and I would like to install Android 2.2. I have tried to root the phone with z4root so I can install RecoveryManager_v0.37b.zip but it hasn't seemed to work, the Recovery Manager 'Forces Close'. I am 100% sure that I had installed z4root as on trying to install it again via adb it told be that it was already installed and I also removed it with APK Manager. As I have rooted my ZTE San Francisco, in January and I have forgotten exactly how I did it, I was thinking of using UniversalAndroot v1.6.1 as I think that this is what I use for the OS, but i Am a bit put off with the warning that is given on opening the link to Universal Androot. Could anyone tell me if thay have had problems with it? Thnaks.
  5. Theryre now available in Spain for €149. http://www.phonehouse.es/app/f/p-12975-1199/tablet/tablet/zte-tablet-v9.html
  6. Hello, I am thinking of buying the V9 Light as it is now available for 149 Euros here in Spain, SIM free. I was just wondering if people who already have it would recommend that I buy it. Thanks. http://www.phonehouse.es/app/catalog.do?action=ShowProductDetail&productId=12975&zanpid=1556952124125250560
  7. Thanks for that. I was aware of the draw backs, but for what I want to do, Internet browsing, I think it may be OK.
  8. Hello, I would be grateful if someone would let me know if the ZTE V9 has 3G. I'm asking as in some descriptions I have seen it seems it doesn't but in this one it says it does, http://www.phonehous...productId=12975 . I live in Spain and it is now available for 149 Euros Sim Free. Thanks.
  9. Eh, no I don't live in Australia. I'm looking for it in the UK. Thanks.
  10. Try this. I've got it and is really good http://www.sjscycles.co.uk/topeak-topeak-iphone-drybag-prod25104/?sessionid=7a12fe74a1aceba07aefb2189b02f078ef81ddbc http://www.topeak.com/products/Bags/iphone_drybag
  11. Hello, I'm looking for an Android Tablet with 3G, which would you recommend? Thanks.
  12. Hello, a silly question maybe? But where can you buy/obtain this tablet? Thanks.
  13. Hello.To where do you 'Extract the fastboot folder once downloaded', to the computer or the phone? Thanks.
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