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  1. Thanks for your extensive answer! Sounds quite alright then. Imo and Jorte are just good calendar and messenging apps. Alarm Clock Plus is the alarm app I'm used to: Using several alarms on different days, each with separate volume, sound and other settings. Hope WP8 can do something similar. The big IF: The W1 just went from 110 to 140 Pounds. That makes me think again. And for now the other options are all Android, cause Nokia uses those tiny batteries. :-( Anyway, if not me, maybe this thread will help someone else! Linus X.
  2. Hello, I opened a thread recently in the WP Huawei section, but I somehow cannot access the section itself. I get this message: Sorry, we couldn't find that! [#103139] You do not have permission to view this forum. Need Help? Our help documentation Contact the community administrator And the Huawei logo is missing. Would be nice if someone had the time to fix that. Cheers, Linus X.
  3. At least you're still curious enough about WP to check out my post! ;-) It will be my first attempt and I must say I'm a little bit worried about the apps, hence my question here. Still, the temptation of a smooth, stable, fast and battery saving OS at this price point is too tempting. Linus X.
  4. Bad news for all the happy W1 owners - good news for all those who didn't get theirs yet! Huawei Ascend W1 now only 109.99 on O2 prepaid in the UK. Now it's becoming a respectable replacement for the Orange San Francisco - at least value for money-wise. Unfortunately they're not stupid and don't send to non-UK addresses, so I'll have to ask a friend to send it over to the continent. In case anybody else was looking for unlocking options: I found this honest looking ebay seller, who confirmed his codes work for every provider. Didn't try it yet, so don't say I recommended it. But I will try it as soon as I have my W1. Know any other ways to unlock this phone? Let me know! Linus X. PS: Yay, first post in the new forum!
  5. Should I deduct WP8 users are less welcoming than Android people? ;-) Or is it just because I can find most of the apps in my list in the WP store myself? Would still be nice to know whether they're good and if there are better alternatives... Linus X.
  6. Hi WP8 users! I'm planning to join the club on a Huawei Ascend W1. But before spending the 200 Euros I want to make sure all my most important Android Apps are available or replaceable by a decent alternative. Would appreciate if you could help me with this small list: Must have: Shazam Line Whatsapp MobileVOIP Google Translate Jorte calendar + MyPhoneExplorer (offline sync with Mozilla lightning calendar) Pretty nice to have: Leo.org imo (a messenger integrating facebook chat and skype, would love to see whatsapp, line, and maybe even sms in there) Tripadvisor Barcode scanner Swiftkey Google Maps (I know there is the Nokia thing, but is Google Maps available too?) Period Tracker I sincerely hope there are no issues finding these: FlashLight OI Notepad Skype Youtube Alarm Clock Plus And maybe a more general question: Are there many decent free apps in the Windows Store? I'm not used to paying for apps... Cheers! Linus X.
  7. Which in my understanding means that Drive is not "part of the WP8 footprint" in terms of storage. So on the W1 offline maps will be as much a problem as big games are. Still looking for confirmed unlocking options... Linus X.
  8. The Huawei Ascend W1 could be the new Blade! 130 Pounds at O2. Only thing missing so far are options for free unlock. Sure, it's WP8, but I'd like to give it a try. Black version would be nice though... Linus X.
  9. Nice to see everyone happy with their new W1s! That's bad news, but no deal breaker for me. Still looking for a confirmed way to unlock before I order one from O2 UK through a friend. Here in Italy it's apparently unlocked, but costs 50 Eur more... Cheers, Linus X.
  10. Well, that wasn't very successful. Now I'm looking into this again, using Windows 7 and CM10.1. Maybe there's something new or my different operating systems make it easier? Thanks, Linus X.
  11. As giffgaff uses O2 network, I guess that means the sim is locked. Should you plan on unlocking, please keep me posted! Thanks, Linus X.
  12. Cool! Does it work with SIM cards from other providers? Happy to read any other first impressions too! Thanks, Linus X.
  13. In Italy it's 25% more expensive, so I'll try to get one from the UK. Any news on unlockability? Couldn't find anything on google yet...?
  14. Thanks for the positive feedback on the G3. I read people found it slippery. You don't? Do you get two days of battery life? Samsung? It's LG! But the community is definitely a good argument... Linus X.
  15. Thanks a lot for your feedback on the G2! Both G2 variants have the MTK6577. Only difference seems to be the RAM. G2S seems to only be an overclocked G2 with higher screen resolution (cf. GizChina). I looked at the G3 and especially liked the massive 2750mAh battery and the great design. But the cheapest I found is 222$ and the ZTE U950 has a quadcore for less money... And then I wonder why not add 77$ and get the Nexus 4? What do you think? I actually got most prices from Aliexpress. Good to hear it worked fine for you. Cheers, Linus X.
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