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  1. yes..all settings are fine..but it does not detect ;)
  2. vic_msn

    FastGSM Problem :(

    i got the phone unlocked from a local shop in my town. that FastGSM is a scammer
  3. I have turned on the location aware setting from the 'Settings' menu, but still all apps including Bing Maps and Search have difficulty in finding my current location(the latitude and longitude). It used to work fine some time back. I have tried resetting the phone, but still nothing happens. How do I find if this is a hardware issue ?
  4. vic_msn

    FastGSM Problem :(

    Hello I paid $20 for fastgsm credit this morning and in the evening when I tried to unlock the phone, it says that not enough credit available in my account. I have contacted their support. I don't know what to do...should I raise a paypal claim ? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply..I have come across a service called FastGSM, is it any good ?
  6. Hello How do I unlock my samsung focus locked to AT&T network. I bought this from a eBay seller and he said the phone does not come with any contract. So If I contact AT&T support will they give me an unlock code ? What details do I need to provide to AT&T to get the unlock code from them ? Thanks

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