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  1. Thanks for spotting that; could you kindly do the needful as you seem to know alot about it.
  2. It's ROMs like this that make me want to glue my blade to the back of my SG4. Amazing what you have managed to squeeze into something as cheap and humble as the wee blade. Maybe one day you will get to make a PA-AOSPCM-TW (PACT) rom for the Galaxy S4! Anyway, shouldnt this be called CARP (CM-AOSP-RootBox-PA)?
  3. I'm using INT2EXT from the xda forums instead of S2E, seems to work fine with this ROM, I have a 512mb /data partition being reported in my storage info.
  4. For people having issues with S2E, have you tried INT2EXT as posted on the xda site? There was a mention of it in one of these 10.1 ROM threads a while back; i'm currently using it on pac rom android version 4.2.2 and it works fine, My blade reports 512mb of /data.
  5. Could someone mirror the ROM please? Also a mirror for your other ROM ICySNAP would be cool. :D
  6. Zeelog; Can you add the LED freq. multiplier to enable the laser pointer? Also, if you could hack the camera code to use negative light? we can take pictures in the dark too then. Also, could you turn on the PoA (Power over Airwave) so we can get limitless battery capacity wherever there is a cellular signal? I was wondering if you could also alter the wifi code to allow me to use the phone as a mobile microwave to heat my coffee? ;)
  7. Just buy some generic headphones with built in FM radio, I even saw a pair a while back sold at one of those 'poundstretcher' shops - so it's possible to get a pair for under £5 if you look around. You also get the benefit of a built in amplifier if you buy some of the over the ear type headphones. In the past people used the argument of not wanting to carry 2 devices with them, but to use the radio, you need headphones anyway.
  8. I agree. The last 'Random' reboot I had was back in the unstable days of CM7; any 'Random' reboots since then have always been due to me messing about with development settings, using a function that was currently listed as 'partially working' or 'non-functional' or installing a 3rd party app that attempted to access a function that was not supported.
  9. no. Wait until the title no longer says [DEV] - or you could read back just a few pages and form your own oppinion.
  10. Sounds like your proximity sensor needs recalibrating. I don't currently have this ROM installed, but on my ROM its under 'Settings' - 'Device - Advanced' - 'Calibrate proximity sensor'
  11. What steps did you carry out to perform that amazing feat? I usually have to remove the camera apk to get awesome functionality like that. Also, please read the 1st post.
  12. I'm not a hater, just someone who is disillusioned by so much fragmentation before a ROM is fully developed. I appreciate diversity, but it often seems like the initial thrust of enthusiasm dies off and the final polish that makes an excellent ROM never arrives. Please, just finish off a ROM before starting another; don't just start another to get a 'I did this first' badge. Just a sidenote, some people who post on these forums may actually be developers themselves, but use different usernames so that they don't get hounded when their PM boxes get full..
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