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  1. yeah i saw the smallbuffer line in there, that's all it contains. i will check the one on phone actually has that later, fairly sure it does though!edit: edit: OOOPs! the config files on phone somehow got blanked when it copied, after i pasted smallbuffer in and saved, it installed first time didn't need to do any more wipes or anything. thanks! not sure how that file came out blank, that's a weird one, all the other zips copied over fine.
  2. hi! thanks. yes gapps-config.txt was present in same folder (/Download) that everything was installled from. Does this help at all: # Begin PA GApps Install Log -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROM Android Version | 4.4.4 ROM ID | cm_u8815-userdebug 4.4.4 KTU84Q fd555d19e4 test-keys ROM Version | 11-20150227-NIGHTLY-u8815 Device Recovery | Device Name | u8815 Device Model | Ascend G300 Device CPU | armeabi-v7a armeabi getprop Density | 240 default.prop Density | 240 build.prop Density | 240 Display Density Used | 240ppi Android Runtime | Clean Xposed Detected | Clean Install Type | Clean[Data Wiped] Google Calendar Installed | Clean Google Camera Installed | Clean Google Keyboard Installed | Clean Google Email Installed | Clean FaceUnlock Compatible | false Google Camera Compatible | true Current GApps Version | NO GApps Installed Curent PA GApps Package | NO GApps Installed Installing GApps Version | 20150221 Installing GApps Type | pico Config Type | exclude Using gapps-config | /storage/sdcard0/Download/gapps-config.txt Remove Stock/AOSP Browser | false[default] Remove Stock/AOSP Launcher | false[default] Remove Stock/AOSP MMS App | false[default] Remove Stock/AOSP Pico TTS | false[default] Install Google Gallery | false Google Gallery Device | none Installing Play Services | 6.7.76 (1745988-034) Total System Size (KB) | 387280 Used System Space (KB) | 330468 Current Free Space (KB) | 56812 Additional Space Required (KB) | 6016 << See Calculations Below -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previously installed with PA GApps # End PA GApps Install Log INSTALLATION FAILURE: Your device does not have sufficient space available in the system partition to install this GApps package as currently configured. You will need to switch to a smaller GApps package or use gapps-config to reduce the installed size. # Begin GApps Size Calculations -------------------------------------------------- TYPE | DESCRIPTION | SIZE | TOTAL | Current Free Space | 56812 | 56812 Remove | Existing GApps | + 0 | 56812 Remove | Obsolete Files | + 8 | 56820 Install | Core | - 22332 | 34488 Install | GMSCore | - 30384 | 4104 Install | bksync | - 168 | 3936 Install | calsync | - 736 | 3200 | Buffer Space | - 9216 | -6016 -------------------------------------------------- Additional Space Required | 6016 -------------------------------------------------- Required (ALWAYS Installed) Optional (may be removed) # End GApps Size Calculations # Begin User's gapps-config # End User's gapps-config
  3. hi, not sure if i'm being stupid or if latest zips have got bigger? have tried twice following optional parts also exactly, logs say i need 6061kb extra space. here are my versions: recovery-clockwork- cm-11-20150227-NIGHTLY-u8815 delete-CM-stuff-20150126-signed pa_gapps-modular-pico-4.4.4-20150221-signed many thanks edit: well i can see for a fact the zips have got bigger, but not sure if that's issue, will try flashing older versions later.
  4. found one kind of bad problem, which i'm guessing is probably a stock bug? it doesn't connect to foreign network for roaming automatically, either needs selecting manually and/or a reboot. when returning to home network, def. needs a reboot, otherwise it can't connect (Even) if selected manually. this was giffgaff uk trying to roam in spain btw. didn't use to be a problem on GB roms.
  5. the dodgy 3g.. does 1g/2g data work reliably? that's good enough for me, for checking email and such.
  6. thanks, did you find all these problems with stock based 4.x roms (not CM, i know the CM issues), and did you unlock your BL with offiical code? i'm hoping CM9 or 4.0.x ROMs are ok on G300, though you're right 512MB RAM isn't really enough for 4.x+
  7. still the best stock-based fixed-up rom, or anything better come along in last 4/5 months or so? thinking about updating from stock GB, i can leave BL locked? ...apparently can't install CWM with locked BL, will have to wait for code from Huawei.. ...and got code, that was fast. will try this rom later unless anyone has other suggestions for similar. on paper this looks ideal. edit3: installed, easier than expected (going from GB stock so still quite a faff). no major problems so far except the default new mail sound was a ringtone which was funny, maybe from leftover old k9 settings not sure if that's a default in this rom. also Titanium Backup went a bit crazy when i overclocked so will leave that off for a bit. Looks great so far thanks, also just spotted the addons which fixes one of my complaints.
  8. there's nothing in the "issues" post. how's everyone mobile network connections? (specifically for 02/giffgaff uk if possible). how is it for making phone calls? (volume, voice quality etc.?) how's the latest nightlies vs the last "stable" build here? edit: not sure there is a "stable", so can someone recommend a good build please? for stability, not worried about OC features and such.
  9. is it NFC or not? conflicting info. Dual SIM and low PPI gives this an "old person travelling" niche. otherwise can't see point of high CPU spec with such low RAM, it'll be a crap for many large apps.
  10. so.. call quality and battery life problems.. still a no go then as those are the number 1 and 2 things we need :/ or is not everyone affected? also TIL that "brickbats and bouquets" is kiwi for "cons and pros" :) nice
  11. ^ do you mean those problems don't happen with old baseband, or just that you've only tried on 2030? edit: also, assuming you had none of those problems on stock (gb) rom?
  12. sooo.. been away for a bit, sorry for newb Q: Can we now go straight from stock gingerbread to this, and back again (if it doesn't work out), just using CWM and no other hacks? It's the ease of going back that was stopping me playing about before (not my phone!). Anything we should know about this, like how not to brick it, should backup IMEI etc?
  13. hmmm yes i had to do this too. right pain. anyway i've just realised one phone is used by someone who switches SIMs for different countries. is there any way to make this editable through the gui. is it just permissions on that file, or does it not work that way? i've no idea how Android permissions work! thanks to anyone who knows..
  14. i already have a 1ghz dual core 512mb £100 phone (Sony Xperia U) and can tell you dual core is pretty useless when it can't keep any apps open because it's out of RAM all the time. i'd rather have a single core with 1GB RAM than this. (Xperia P i bought for £150 is much better, (basically same phone with twice the RAM) but unfortunately too big for me!)
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