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  1. Hi guys, my Vega slipped out of the official case (1st gen) due to its bad design, the glass is fine and I can tell digitiser works fine but the LCD inside is totally screwed. Dose any one know if ADVENT offer any kind off replacement service as this happened due to the very poor design of the original official case where the Vega slips in from the side without any thing to hold it there. Thanks in advance for any advice. TMiC
  2. Update re-started again and the sound works, odd!!
  3. OK so this is where I am, Installed the mod but media sound doesn't work, I go into the setting set to full volume on System, Media and Alarm, the vega plays audio but when i try to play any medei no sound. Goe back to setting all set as they were but Media audio is at 0 and I can't use the rocker keys on the vega to change anything. any help?
  4. Great guide, done everything but 2 problems. 1, no sound 2. No Flash. Can anyone help?
  5. I've joind this site downloaded the files I need, but really don't know what to do next, do I need the Developer bridge etc. can you post an idiots guide on how to mod the VEGA, it's christmass tomorrow and need to mod the device before I give it to the wife. Cheers, tmic
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