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  1. im glad i found this post,ive been e-mailing google and the company that the app came from,and they gave me some lame excuse that they havent charged me too much its just somethong to do with the requasts to check if you have anough funds in your account...i knew they were talking crap because the money has gone and ive payed nearly 3 times as much as the app..£1.29 it should have been and ive been charged over 3 quid...it looks like google dont know what they are talking about and the bank dosent either i bet i find out it is to do with beig charged for overseas payment as mentioned in this post.. tjhing is im new to android and i will never ever buy an app again,so they are hurtingh themselves or the banks are... cheers cliff
  2. thinking about it a longer usb to micro usb would be handy too,the one that comes with the charger is super short...! cliff
  3. hi,im a newbie myself and running a modified rom but i think you should still have access to these settings... menu...settings...wireless and networks...mobile networks...data enabled... turn data on and off when required i.e diable/enable hope this helps cliff hopethis helps cliff...
  4. hi,my sf is up and running now thanks to help from peeps on here...many thanks im running pauls froyo 3 with no probs apart form the slow lock screen.. ive recently got a giffgaff sim and put it in and activated it,im in the process of getting my number out on it... my problem is,the 02 site says 3g where i am but the phone mostly only gets gprs or says g on the notification bar.. if i restart sometimes upon restart i get e for edge..but still never 3g does the android software that looks after this automatically switch to the faster connection if it becomes available as does my three dongle and my vodafone dongle. what i am saying is that if it starts and only finds gprs (g) then it never seems to switch to anything else wherever i am (ive kept checking it whilst driving around to different places) so even if i cant get 3g on giffgaff/02 where i am which i dont know for sure yet,surely the sf should switch to the fastest connection when available..? cheers cliff....:-) the only setting i can find relating to this is the only use 2g which i have switched off
  5. sound like that might be usefull,as i am looking for a car holder aswell but would rather have one with the feet that stops the phone falling off when you hit a bump and possibly one that had grooves in the foam to keep the phone more secure. i did find a car charger which has multiple plugs including micro usb from asda for £4 reduced from £7 they might have them in all asda stores at the mo...it works fine... if only i could get one of those little stickers for the orange logo that used to be available on ebay..and one of those neoprene pouches which are no longer available on ebay either...looks like i missed the boat on some of the sf goodies..:-(
  6. hi,i would like to thank all who replied and helped me with my sf,now running pauls froyo 3 no worries.. thinking about battery life and a car charger,i have an ipod car charger which has a usb socket bbut it says 5-12 volts i imagine,and the wall version with the usb socket...they share the same lead...says 5-30...? the charger with the sf says 5v usual usb i think..so does that mean the ipod chargers are uato sensing which how many volts are needed,obviously i dont want to fry my phone..but a car charger sounds very usefull seeing as i can be away from power for days sometimes... cheers cliff
  7. live wallpapers works fine on mine...pauls froyo 3
  8. while reading ont tinternet i recongnised 2 apps on my phone which i didnt realise might be important,,, superuser superuser permissions busybox busybox installer... ive not seen these mentioned on this forum...? thanks cliff
  9. hi all,my secondhand sf wont start clockwork with volume button..? i cant remove account with full data reset or any other way,i dont thinkits even doing a reset all apps are still there... do i have to re-flash it..? any other info in my previous posts... do i need clockwork to do the flash...? somethings obviously not right maybe i should have just bought a new tft..! if i do have to flash it,could there be problems seeing as its already been done,i dont know which one with,clockwork dosent start and things are obviously not right/corrupt etc.. i couldnt sign in with a new account added either,should i be able to sign in while using wifi,i dont know where to input the asda data connection information cany find anywhere to input this... sorry for asking but im doomed without help..! cheers cliff...
  10. also just tried to add my gmail account and it said couldnt establish a connection with the server your phone might not be configured for data... ive browsed the internet on the phone with wifi.. cheers cliff
  11. hi thanks for the detailed explanation,i tried this and all it does is keep trying to start i.e. the green android comes on and then off and then on and then off and thats all it does till i let go and then it starts..the phone works ok,but i cant delete an account already on so somethings not quite right,i would like to personalise it and know that everythings ok which it dosent look like it,maybe it was rooted badly somehow... when im trying to remove the account it says...synch ie experiencing problems it will be back shortly...but thats all it ever says...a factory data reset dosent remove it either... any help appreciated...cliff
  12. its looking like i will have to reflash it,is there a preffered one...like the froyo or maybe i should go for the easiest seeing as i dont really know what im doing...? any thoughts... cheers cliff....
  13. nothing happens if i turn on while holding down volume down button ? cliff...
  14. i forgot to metion the factory data reset does not work still... cliff....
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