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  1. thank you, freeing some space on the internal memory solved the problem :) but i still have this problem, anyone knows how to solve it?
  2. i installed this rom last week, and i have two problems: - i can't install google maps and update swiftkey (both 6mb apps). when i try to install/update those two apps, i receive the "insufficient storage available" message. i have 20mb free on system partition, 40mb free on internal and 1gb free on sd card. i installed swiftkey from a titanium backup. i also have a TB for maps app, but when i try to restore it on the phone, the phone just keep trying to restore the app with no error message, and i need to kill the app. - when i try to enable usb mass storage, after a few seconds the phone freezes and after that it reboots. this also happened on cyano7 (and it's the reason why i decided to upgrade to cyano9). of course, i did a full wipe/factory reset before installing cyano9. i still have both problems even after wiping cache partition, dalvik cache and fixing permissions. any suggestion?
  3. this morning i wanted to turn on the wireless tethering, but when i selected that option my phone froze. from this moment, every time i try to boot the phone, it stucks on the green android guy. i already tried to fix permission, wipe dalvik and cache partition. i also tried to boot the phone without the sim and sd cards, but nothing worked. at this point, i would do a factory reset/restore a backup image with clockworkmod, but the problem is that i have a couple of unread messages that i'd like to read. so, is there any way to boot the phone without losing the messages or is thee any way to reach the messages before doing a factory reset/restore a backup image?
  4. is it possible to use this 4.0.4 as an everyday rom? Right now I'm using a CM7 stable rom, and I don't know if it's safe to pass to ICS. Also the two things that I don't like much is the missing wifi tether and system space needed by this rom: right now I have a 130MB system partition, and there just enough space for my apps.. If I use more space for the system partition, I will have to uninstall some apps. What do you suggest me to do?
  5. i couldn't find anything else, so it's not a matter of being overpriced, but lacking of alternatives. additionally, without this cable, the expensive headphones i have are like crap, so for 8€ it's not a great deal, but it's allright.
  6. finally, i found a iphone->nokia/sony/zte adapter :) it is named Fiio LU1 Adapter Cable i've just received it, and it works! i found all the infos on this blog: http://www.macadux.com/mobile/android/samsung-galaxy-s/non-samsung-headphones-with-mic-problem/ for italian users who wants to buy it:
  7. After almost a year, I finally updated my Android desktop. First row is my original version, second row is the last version. Hope you enjoy it. how to: http://ficus86.devia...Setup-199417454
  8. hi sej! is it possible to download your 18jan rom? i can't find it on your ftp. i've always used your "plus" nightly versions and i've always been happy with it. right now, i have n157plus2, and i wanted to update to a newer version, as i think it will still take some time before ics is fine for a daily use. thanks!
  9. i thought widget locker had only slide to unlock! could you suggest me a couple of names of these themes? i wouldn't have a clue to what to search for..
  10. it's a theme for miui, here's the original thread: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1318364 as title says, can i get this lockscreen on my zte blade with cyanogenmod 7? how? thanks for the help!
  11. after uninstalling and rebooting and reinstalling it worked again. thanks a lot for your help :)
  12. yes, actually a couple of days ago i used rom toolbox to remove the default app "messaging" from autostart, i re-enabled all apps at autostart, rebooted phone multiple times, started a new thread in the messaging app, but the issue remains. do i need to reinstall the messaging app?
  13. since some days ago, my blade stopped sending sms. when i try to send an sms, it stays on "sending..." and nothing happens. since i discovered this issue today (and i saw i didn't send many sms in the previous days..), i can't remember if i changed anything particular prior the first time this issue appeared. i had n141, then today (trying to fix this issue) i updated to sej's n257+ without wiping, and the problem persists. do you know how to fix this? it's kinda a big problem that i can't send sms...thanks
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