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  1. Sorry, have not seen you ... Remember, I told you that already (and illustrated) in post # 47 of Nitroglass . And I'm not alone, believe me...
  2. No, that does not suck ram... or perhaps /dev remove 209 mb of ram? you can also use if [$ CACHESIZE = "64M" || $ CACHESIZE = "35M"], then exit else mount ... However, these 35 mb are very valuable for mobile speed, moving part of the dalvik. For example, we distribute dailvik (a part) between free space /system and those 35mb. I a long time ago to move the dalvik (only for dalvik.system) to /system/dalvik with a script that I create for your h3 .... I can share it without problem. That gives more overall speed and steady wins the mobile and memory for data ...
  3. It is very simple, this solves it all: if [$ CACHESIZE != "64M"], then ..... mount-t tmpfs-o size = 64M, (...) .... If you modified it in 06blues, solve all cases.... Some people are very clear that a tpt of 2mb cache gives 62 mb more in /data. Do not force a factory stock, not like ...
  4. Not a good idea to offer a rom on a TPT, that does not tend to like people. It is true that many people have not changed it, but it is also true that if you have a custom TPT, do not want another... On one hand, I myself made an addon to increase (for 1 boot) to increase the cache to 75mb. It is available for all (http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=490694) But ... thinking seriously about the matter ... I think it is an empty argument, because android is poorly designed caching for downloads ... Why "reserve" consistently an amount of precious nand memory (64, 35, 3tc) in the case of a space "temporary" for downloads ...? Precisely for that there is TMPFS partitions..., occupying the ram in a dynamic (as needed) and always starting with the tail in the assignment of data to memory pages ... But ... even Linux itself uses tmpfs for temporary caches (/ tmp)!! However, (you think about it), Messrs. android's programmers have no problem in creating a monster tmpfs partition called /dev of 209MB (which of course is used for temporary purposes). Can see it with a simple command df. All this does not make sense ... For my part, I think the best option is to opt for a tpt of 2mb cache and mount it into /dev/cache. I'm convinced. I will try it now.
  5. Great idea, I like it. Easy and efficient because It particularly benefits those who never haven't changed their factory TPT, and lost her cache and also some ram. I think a lot users never change the TPT ... And although that one time not believed me, I assure you that the TPT factory is 162 data-64cache-220 system (at least in my country). However, as we know for sure that 35 is not enough for some apps (especially games), I might have to think about other solutions ... Have you thought about mounting the cache on the sd, for example?
  6. Not know if nitroglass runs on slimbean. I could not test all the roms .... But I can tell you that nitroglass never works if you flash'it on a rom when working ... ALWAYS You need to install from zero, all wipes (including wipe sd-ext): 1. All wipes (+ format sd-ext) 2. flash rom.zip (no reboot) 3. flash nitroglass.zip 4. Reboot system ------------------------------- POST-INSTALL ------------------------------ 5. On the first boot, you must configure google account and open playstore once. 6. Reboot before installing an application.
  7. I also encourage you to continue this project. It is an interesting option, and that is decided by users, not by war of titans. And as each user is appreciates more some improvements or other ... there are no absolute truths, but preferred options for each user. The important thing is be able to choose, and luckily we have a large development community for this phone, people with ideas and, above all, wanting to share. I can only say thanks for sharing and respect the choices of each. Should not forget that we have a skate, not an S2 or S3 ... Some want more speed, more internal memory others, some more RAM, other than the battery lasting more, others look-esthetic, ... Probably if we make a change to get an extra we have a deficiency on the other: - More speed, less battery - More RAM (swap), less speed (in some cases) - More internal memory, less quickly to open the app. Many of them are small (or great) genialities, but in the end ... everyone decides ... and let us not forget that they share freely, and it's very easy to forget that the best payment is gratitude and positive criticism. So I can only say Thank Marko and all who share code! Well ... Perfectswap has the advantage that each user decides whether to activate or not and to what extent. It offers set ... About nitroglass and adrenaline I mean that are not fully compatible ... You need to pach adrenaline, but it can be done. If you are interested in the subject, I can help (although I don't have much free time). About D2V2 ... This script requires a TPT that allows to move part of dalvik to /system. The good thing is that it also offers game to set-it and can remain inactive and use it only if you want ... The effect of D2V2 is interesting (especially when combined with link2sd) because it increases the free internal memory for the user, while speed don't decreases because all important apps always running from NAND, and also maintains the batteries (because it prevents access to the sd). I also had thought to make these changes. And you have my support.
  8. Thanks for your contributions. I will discuss my view. Swapper2... I've also tested. It is an app ... consumes resources, makes constant calls SuperSU ... It's slow and annoyed ... Sincerely and honestly (let me say), my script PerfectSawp is much symple and faster, transparent to the user and does not consume system resources ... I've tested them extensively, I assure you! Same object, better managed! Yes, I know him well. I gave it myself known in skate-HTCMania ... It's very good, recommended. It offers the same as nitroglass. The difference, once again, is the method to makes mounts ... Mainly, int2ext+ moves on each boot /data/data to sd-ext and again moves to the mem. Internal. That takes a lot of time when you have many apps installed. But also moves other sensitive parts of the mem.internal like /data/radio, which sometimes makes it vulnerable because some roms lose much signal (also wifi), especially some 2.3.5. In fact, in some 2.3.5 rom not boot ... Gives less problems in 2.3.7. Also (this is less important) her mounting system produces a small duplicate of some folders, which reduce the total space for 'data'. It is a alternative, everyone chooses! But be warned, lest anyone think he can fill 2gb, nor nitroglass and nor int2ext+... The limitation is the same in both cases. Only changes the method.
  9. Very smooth, really! I love the new DPI. I have a little problem with the themes .. which I can download? Some have ask for GoLaunc Another very important thing for me as I can install Gtalk? Thx!
  10. On cache size ... Remember that possibly TPT-stock from factory is the most common ... It has 64mb. In H3 v2.2 this may be a small problem since 06scritp only evaluates a size 35. In my opinion, that solves the problem to those with 2mb, also does not affect those who are 35, but ... harms those who have the phone without changing the original tpt, because not only reduce your cache but reduce your ram (with tmpfs) Is my thinking correct? In HTCMania people with 35 (or less) has reported they can not download apps like this: IMAGE (For this reason my idea I said yesterday) yes, it can be a solution. However, the important thing is that I also recommend nitroglass-v2.1 for H3. Maybe I should remember your thread (or you can do it yourself, of course) ^_^ By the way, I made a mod for your rom + nitroglass and love. Thanks for your great rom. VERY VERY THANKS!!!
  11. Confirmed. The rom works really well with nitroglass to the internal memory. Congratulations for your Rom!
  12. First of all, I apologize for my bad English. And later, I appreciate your comments and contributions. Oh god, you're absolutely right! THANK YOU VERY MACH!! I only thinking in numbers of two digits... The problem is that I haven't one tpt-2mb to test ... :( Very thx for your repport. For now, I retired v3, to better study all options... Given the possibility that nitroglass (as int2ext+) is not compatible with severals mounts of partitions that can make some roms, I decided to delete 06mountdl for safety. The problem is that in some spanish roms, 06mountdl tpts provide cache for these small TPTs ... My idea is to make a script (nearly completed), take your original idea to redirect cache (VERY THANKS), but it can take several conditional intelligently: A. Decide which is the best size in each case, based on the actual cache for each tpt. 1 - If you have 2mb, assigns 64 (for big downloads of market, like AngryBird-wars) 2 - If you have 35mb, remains at 35, no redirects (NO takes ram) 3 - If you have 64mb, no redirects. (NO takes ram And do not reduces the cache to 35) B. (the most difficult), is compatible with (all???) the roms and does not conflict with other previous codes ... However, taking advantage of your intervention, I think v3 (or similar) would not be a problem for H3, because the sequence of scripts (04nitroglass vs. 06blues) allow the first-script mount a new cache, and for second, to evaluate the condition of start, do any action on the cache (either already resolved or whether it even has time to make the decision) I mean right? What do you think of this, I will be very useful your opinion. Well, The swap is another matter ... Nitroglass is not related to that. Use a system of mounts and symlinks to move apps and dalvik to sd-ext. Maintains /data/data in internal for speed. However, (although there are different opinions), I studied enough the swap, and have come to the conclusion that their usefulness depends on: - User profile (for heavy games, for example) - the speed of your sd - As you set up the swap ... In THIS MOD I included other personal-script (PERFECTSWAP) providing swap for any rom and allow configure swappinnes. The idea is: if you believe that you will not use swap (for various reasons), then put swappinnes to 0. If you have a SD Class10 and will run heavy games, swappines puts greater. (30-40) And finally, for users undecided, a value of 10, provides both performance (because I never use) and safety (because timely, in extreme cases, the swap will be activated). I call it "swap-conservative." if you are interested to try it, I can provide it, of course!
  13. Sorry, I have a little problem with the language ... V3 works exactly like v2.1. The cache is not involved in the process. v3 just add a plus: provides 64mb cache only in case that your tpt is 2MB of cache ... You have a 2mb tpt-cache? Then flash v3.... Provide 64mb-cache. If you has 35MB or more, v3 keeps those 35 (or more). It's automatic. See you: TPT.2mb.cache + 2.3.7rom + Nitroglassv2.1 = PlayStore NOT DOWNLOAD In this case, the solution is v3. In other cases, simply it's not necessary.
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