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  1. Hi i did all that was stated above and I am also getting a blue themed home screen and buttons. what am i doing wrong please?
  2. Hi, I have a TFT Orange San Francisco and currently have unlocked and installed both ClockWork Recovery Mod and a custom Orange ROM after having a de branded rom installed. Now that I have the custom orange rom back, installed, I want to remove the ClockWork Recovery thing off the phone. Can someone please provide me step by step guides to doing this please...(REMOVING CLOCKWORK RECOVERY OFF THE PHONE) I need to have this done before tomorrow, thanks :D
  3. Hi there, I have recently installed ClockWork Recovery Mod to the phone to install a custom ROM. I have also still have the rom .zip file on the sd card of the phone even though the rom is currently installed. My problem is I want to sell this phone on to someone else who wanted these feautures, but not with all the modding tools on the phone. - Can I remove / uninstall ClockWork Recovery Mod? If so, will this affect the currently installed custom rom on the phone and will ClockWork Recovery Mod be able to be installed later on the phone if wanted? _ Can I also remove the .zip file for the custom rom file off the sd card? Will this affect the currently instaled rom? I need someone who is sure of what they will be telling me or even provide very likely reasons to answers given. Thanks and Happy New Year!!!!!!!! :D
  4. Hi there, I plan on having the ideal entertainment device that will be able to perform your usual internet uses online, regardles of WIFI or 3G. I also want a device that will be good in the long run with popularity (Android vs Apple basically) and be able to know which device could keep its price better in case I wanted to sell it on later. If someone can provide me the pros and cons of both please with a concluded opinion. There is no right or wrong answer please, I just want your opinions, especially if you own either device, so I can make a good purchase that I will happy for Thanks and Happy New Year! :unsure:
  5. Thanks using the software you gave me and its working flawlessly, thanks for your help! XD merry xmas!
  6. thanks very much, have now de branded and installed clock work mod on my san fran :( thanks!
  7. Hi just got mynew San Fran. I have unlocked it to T-Mobile successfully and need step to step help in de branding the "orangey" things of the phone please. Its a Tft screen and would like someone who can give easy instructions into changing the rom please.Thanks
  8. Hey all i have literally just bought this beautiful Orange San Francisco yesterday and have been stuck amongst some things until finding out about amazing Modaco. This is ky very first android and I really need help in using my Unlocked T-Mobile San Fran as a modem for internet access to my laptop. If someone can provide really simple-to-follow/understand steps with all the neccessary dial codes or apn settings if needed please. I need your help please! Thanks and mrry christmas :(
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