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  1. Arz Bhatia

    Win a Samsung Galaxy S III with MoDaCo and mobicity

    This is great, Paul! Thanks!
  2. Arz Bhatia

    HTC One X Review

    Paul, you're the only one I can ask this question. Do you review guys/sites get these phones for testing and reviewing from the company for free? Or do you buy them or kind of rent them or something? Sorry for OT.
  3. Arz Bhatia

    HTC One X Review

    Please do so Paul! :) Would love it!
  4. Arz Bhatia

    HTC One X Review

    Mind blowing review! Mind posting a photo doing a screen comparison of the One X, Galaxy Nexus and Xperia S showing same pictures will full brightness?
  5. Arz Bhatia

    OP, could you please translate the thread for the English users, thanks.
  6. We've just received a complaint against the users following the thread. Guys, please do not fill up the thread by posting stuff like 'flashing ROM right now, updating rom' and all, you can leave back user feedbacks for the developer but anything other than that is just going to fill the thread with trash and annoy some fellow members. Please follow the rules respectively, Thanks Arz
  7. Arz Bhatia

    Good-bye Folks!

    Hey guys, I just wanted to bid goodbye to all of the sensation users over here. This is by far one of the best communities I have been a part of! I love you guys. I just bought a Galaxy Nexus and now I would be heading to the Gnex forums and be more active there. As a moderator, my eyes are still gonna be on you ;) I'll hand over my Sensation to my brother... who is elder than me :P He's not all that techy types, he's more into music so he won't be a part of the community. I'll come to this section sometimes for updates and all. Anyway, Seeya! :lol:
  8. Sorry for being lazy but what are the known bugs? Or any fixes or something? I'm still on BETA 1. Not too sure to flash this one.
  9. Lot's of spelling mistakes in that mate :lol:
  10. That's because quadrant isn't fully optimized for ICS, mate :)
  11. 4.0.3 can be/should be released in this thread only as this is the developer thread. Some of trip's followers don't understand easily that's why I had to take action, I won't close down this thread if it remains to be a dev thread, which it is now I guess :) And please don't mark that thread as 'my thread', it's for keeping things clean, that's what a mod does, right? :) Seeya!
  12. Why is it so hard to understand, you guys? PLEASE, ALL discussions in the discussion thread! Thread Cleaned.. Yet again.
  13. Thread Cleaned, Discussions moved to the discussion topic, Users warned.
  14. Further discussions in the discussion thread please. We've received a lot of reports against this thread, you do not want it to be locked down again. Thanks. All discussions moved to the Discussion thread.

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