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  1. I tried setting USE_OPENGL_RENDERER := true in BoardConfig.mk to see how it would affect the performance. But it didn't yield any miracle results. However, I got a pastie that I found interesting. D/OpenGLRenderer( 376): GL error from OpenGLRenderer: 0x505 E/OpenGLRenderer( 376): OpenGLRenderer is out of memory! E/SurfaceTexture( 95): [com.android.settings/com.android.settings.SubSettings] dequeueBuffer: can't dequeue multiple buffers without setting the buffer count E/Adreno200-EGL( 376): egliSwapWindowSurface: unable to dequeue native buffer W/HardwareRenderer( 376): EGL error: EGL_BAD_ALLOC E/SurfaceTexture( 95): [com.android.settings/com.android.settings.SubSettings] dequeueBuffer: can't dequeue multiple buffers without setting the buffer count E/Adreno200-EGL( 376): eglLockWindowSurface: unable to dequeue native buffer E/SurfaceTexture( 95): [com.android.settings/com.android.settings.SubSettings] queueBuffer: slot 0 is not owned by the client (state=2) E/SurfaceTextureClient( 376): queueBuffer: error queuing buffer to SurfaceTexture, -22 W/HardwareRenderer( 376): Mountain View, we've had a problem here. Switching back to software rendering.
  2. Well actually. Your download was marked deprecated, so that's why it wasn't showcased. From what I heard, it was a problem with your zip?
  3. K-9 did the trick! Though it's extremely clutted with options and settings. Making it difficult to setup correctly.
  4. The standard e-mail client that comes with JJ7 doesn't support selecting which folders to use for sorting sent and income mail. This makes my life difficult as outlook.com uses the terms Sent Items and Deleted Items instead of Sent and Trash as the android e-mail client does. I now have double folders :lol: Any tips on a good e-mail client that supports the above stated and can manage multiple accounts?
  5. Try removing the sd card and try to re-flash again. Are you using the .img or the .zip?
  6. Copy all files on the SD card to the computer, format it and try it in the phone. If it works then you can probably move all the files back to it.
  7. Use adb to make a dump so we can see any errors.
  8. @Telia_service: @csholmq Har nu fått svar på detta och enligt ZTE kommer en uppgradering finnas tillgänglig inom ca två veckor.
  9. The promised update according to Telia still stands...
  10. Just got word from Swedish provider Telia that ZTE will release an official update within 2 weeks. They exchanged correspondence today.
  11. Yes, when turning off data transfer both 3G and GPRS data seize to operate. Then I only have phone and sms over 2G/3G active. If you only want to use 2G only go to Settings -> Wireless & network -> Mobile Networks -> GSM/UMTS Options -> Use only 2G networks. SetCPU - free on market
  12. Via the Power Widget that's built in! It's a piece of art! Via a full chargin cycle and battery stats wipe. http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...bration-protip/
  13. Check PowerTutor for the power hog in your system! If you can't find any culprit, try to calibrate your battery. I run 2G only except when I sync, HWacc UI enabled and I get between 3-5 days.
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