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  1. Yes, as seen in my former posts, it's just too annoying for me, as I never actually use the phone as phone without BT headset. Any recommendation which CM10 to try? Which one do you use?
  2. It can only be a ROM issue, since I have upgraded to this ROM from an old CM7.2.0 Kang, which had no issues with my BT headset at all. It already has been mentioned, that CM10.1 has issues with BT on the Blade, but it's always only about the on/off toggle. That BT headphone loudness problem is very annoying for me too. Even if I get it louder on one call, it's back to silent on the next call. My headset is a Plantronics Voyager+ btw.
  3. Well, I had some time to play around with it, but unfortunately this ROM makes it too difficult for me to use my BT headset. One thing with BT being dead every time I switch to Flight Mode and back (requiring endless toggles or unpairing), the other thing that the audio level is way too low (I have set it to max, a call comes in, audio really quiet, headset says it's already max, volume keys on the phone can make it a little louder, but still not loud enough). So if this CM 10.1 is a no-go for me, what would be the next best recommendation for a ROM of previous version(s) with working BT?
  4. My observation concerning the BT problem: I usually switch to Flight Mode over night, when I turn off flight mode, BT is not working, and toggling does not help, it keeps telling me that it tries to connect to my BT headset and searching for new devices just does not work (the moving circle does not appear). The BT headset is the only paired device so far. If I remove the pairing and toggle a few times BT is working again, means it starts searching (the moving circle appears) and I have to pair my headset again.
  5. Is the Settings >> Security >> Encryption feature missing in this ROM, does it have to do with the fact, that the ZTE Blade is just not capable of device encryption, or is it because I'm using it without GAPPS? I've tried reading up on that feature, but could not find any relevant info, and there just is no "Encryption" menu point in Settings >> Security on my device.
  6. I am so used to Firefox with the essential add-ons (like NoScript and Adblock Plus) on my computers, something I miss on my phone. I am using the stock Android browser on my good old ZTE Blade with CM 10.1 right now (have tried Dolphin Mini before), and I am wondering if there is any alternative to Firefox/Opera/Chrome that offers No Script functionality (I don't trust Opera & Chrome, and Firefox is overkill for such a low power phone). Any idea?
  7. Not CM, but nevertheless interesting indeed!
  8. It's a bummer, the A820 would be ideal, but without CM support just not possible for me. I've never used an Android phone with stock firmware and Google Apps installed, and I never will. CM without GAPPS is the way to go.
  9. Can anybody tell, what can safely be removed from that ROM? I don't use any other than the default theme, I use my own wallpaper and ringtone/notification sounds, no GAPPS installed, no E-Mail or Calendar (which require GAPPS). Just curious how much it can be trimmed down without loosing basic functionality.
  10. After some more research and searching through the list of supported devices at CM I came to the conclusion, that unfortunately none of such interesting Chinese / no-name hardware is suitable for me. I just have to have CM without GAPPS on my device, there is no way around it. It seems there are quite some devices coming now with reasonable (and similar) specs at very low prices, like the freshly announced Huawei Ascend G525, which are all Dual SIM. If it wasn't about the missing CM support, I'd go for something like the Lenovo A820 or similar. I still don't know what to do. The tablet is not a must-have, but a new phone would be nice right now. The list on CM does not show which devices are new, it should be a recent 2013 model. So any hint, which of the un-/officially CM supported recent devices would be worth looking at?
  11. I'd like to buy a new phone and/or tablet, I don't mind if no-name Chinese, but it has to be powerful with up-to-date hardware low-budget (I mean a real bargain) suitable for running CyanogenMod No idea about a tablet yet, it should be around 10" (min. 1280x720px) with built-in 3G, thought about a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5100, but compared to some Chinese devices I found on AliSPAM it's quite expensive, with the freshly announced Tab 3 even at a higher price. Concerning the phone I found the amazing Lenovo A820 at an unreal low price with top specs, but it's Dual SIM and not supported by CM (in fact CM currently has no Dual SIM support at all). The major issue with no-name Chinese devices is the uncertain CM support (don't mind if officially or unofficially supported), but not being able to install CM would be a showstopper for me, as I have no intentions at all to run any Android device with GAPPS installed! And advice?
  12. Wow, the Lenovo A820 seems to be a real bargain with top specs! Great find, BUT: No CyanogenMod for that device / no Dual SIM support in CM at all (see this) No Dual 3G SIM operation, only 3G+2G or 2G+2G A device with CM support and Dual 3G SIM operation would be what I am after. :(
  13. Better multiple answers than none at all ;) I've been running CM without GAPPS ever since and don't miss any of the Google stuff. I use that APK Leecher to download APKs from Google Play directly to my PC, so no need for playstore on my phone at all.
  14. Well, after playing around for some time now, I think I got the hang of it. BT problem can be solved by toggling on/off till it connects to the headset again, I removed the sd-ext partition again as I could not see any advantage (because it get mounted as well every time I connect the phone to my Ubuntu Linux desktop), and this ROM works just fine without GAPPS. One new question though: How can GAPPS be removed after installation? I mean it has to be installed through CWM, can it nevertheless be easily deinstalled somehow afterwards, or is it necessary to wipe the system partition and install the ROM again without GAPPS? I just tried to install a software that seems to require GAPPS for installation (tells "Could not connect to Google servers. Check your internet connection"), but I don't want to keep GAPPS installed.
  15. This ROM looks interesting. Two questions: 1. Will there be an update to CM10.1.2 (patched 'master key' exploit)? 2. How does this ROM behave without GAPPS installed?
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