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  1. I installed that version and have severe problems. Keyboard crashes and Google Play Services is in a loop. Sure that this version works? Did I do anything wrong? I went back to ROM only, Then everything works perfectly. So how to install GApps on the Blade?
  2. Have you seen the live test at Chip.de? Google translated Version
  3. Will there be a subforum for the nexus 4 at modaco?
  4. Kernel 3 for ICS released: http://support.zte.com.cn/support/news/NewsDetail.aspx?newsId=1002942
  5. rapidone

    Google Android Event Announced - Monday 29th October

    Probably new information about Nexus 7 3G It could get the model number ME370TG (3G and 32GB) Here a link to a blog in English with detailed explanations: http://www.theandroidsoul.com/3g-nexus-7-spotted-in-taiwan-clearing-ncc-its-a-32-gb-model-price-and-release-not-available-yet/
  6. In Dixons Stores Group system it is listed at 199,99 GBP ... Screenshot: http://static.androidnext.de/nexus-7-32-gb-uk-500x281.jpg Source: http://www.androidnext.de/news/nexus-7-32-gb-version-in-japan-gesichtet-in-uk-gelistet/
  7. rapidone

    Google - PLEASE fix the next version of the Play Store!

    New Google Play Store has been released. V3.9.16 Now with removal of apps, Updates available notifier and some more nice features. If you copy it into system/apps don't forget to set the correct permissions.... APK here: http://www.chip.de/downloads/Google-Play-Store-APK_54923571.html
  8. Hi Konstat, I know it's only a small request and for sure at the end of your to do list, but could you please do an optimisation on the default google search language settings. It's hl=en hardcoded. And it would be great to have it in the locale language. For me it's de... ;) Thanks a lot!
  9. MIHOME 1.0 released! Designed for ALL devices with Android 4.0. U may get it here: Download APK: http://bigota.d.miui.com/miuiapp/MiHome_1_0_100_1.apk Official Website: http://miuiandroid.c...released.16768/ Source: chip.de // http://www.chip.de/d...p_56172030.html
  10. @jpdoliveira First post is not up to date... Latest GAPPS gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip mirror
  11. Here is the logcat. As I'm a noob in creating this I hope I did it right,,,, alogcat.2012-04-14-19-57-41+0200.txt
  12. I had the same problem. Solution: Go to settings > Wireless and mobile settings > mobile net (the last one) > APNs There you have to put in the data from your mobile provider. In my case web.vodafone.de (no user/no password) -> Sej please update the apn setting file. Maybe copy it from CM7 ....
  13. TrevE from XDA created a test app for the CIQ - You can find it here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=17612559 Simply press the "CIQ Check"-Button....

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